Top Autumn Deal – You Won’t Find a Tougher Tiller at This Price

As my regular reader will know, (hello Mum) I usually start my blogs with some witty story or social comment, appertaining to the subject only in a lateral sense, rambling on with the occasional Bon Mot, eventually leading to my actual purpose – to tell you about our good deals. Not this time. (See what … Continued

Mulch Ado About Autumn -See our Great Range of Feider Chipper Shredders

MacMulch: ‘Methinks I see a multitude of leaves. That fall like golden coin upon the green. Disease is harboured in those flaxen depths, And not a Feider Chipper to be seen. (Exit pursued by gardener) Exerpt from ‘Mulch Ado About Autumn‘ – by William Shakespeare) Yes I know. The play doesn’t exist. I wrote it. … Continued

Clean Up Now with our New and Exclusive Range of Wheeled Leaf Vacuums

Ah Autumn. To Shakespeare it is ‘That time of year thou mayst in me behold, When yellow leaves, or none, or few, do hang. ‘ To Keats is is ‘Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, close bosom friend of the maturing sun‘ and to the great Christina Rossetti it is ‘Mine avenue is all a … Continued

Get Going Fast with Our Two NEW Feider 4-in-1, Self-Propelled Mowers with Electric Start

It may be late September but the grass is still growing and there is no better way to cut the lawn than with one of our fabulous new Feider petrol mowers, the Feider T4640ES 4-in-1 and the Feider T5175ES both 4-in-1, both self-propelled and both with easy and convenient electric start. They are efficient, great … Continued

Cut Out the Effort & Tidy Up The Garden with this Easy to Use, Highly Affordable Mini Wheeled-Trimmer

Anyone who has ever used an old style brushcutter will know what I mean when I say…OW! Achey arms? Hurty back? throbby wrists? How I wished, the first time I used one, back in the old black and white days, that some bright spark would invent a simple, easy and smooth way to deal with … Continued

Top Quality, Great Value – A New Petrol Chipper-Shredder Ready for the Autumn Clear-up

Ah Autumn. Golden, russett and yellow leaves tumbling to the ground and covering the park like a multi-coloured duvet, night drawing in as the delicate scent of woodsmoke fills the air and a hint of chilly sunshine breaks through the half-covered branches as the birds head south. Well, so much for Autumn in a Rom-com. … Continued

The Mountfield T38H Now with FREE Accessories. A Classic Lawn Tractor and a Great Deal – In Stock Today

Every now and then a deal comes trolling along, whistling carelessly, hands in its pockets, minding its own business and just waiting to be snapped up by customers keen for a good purchase at a really good price. This is one of those deals. This really good deal is, in fact, three deals in one. … Continued

New, Exciting and Raring to Go – Our Fabulous Feider Scarifier is Set to be a Star

Once upon a time, long ago, in a garden far, far away there was a little, rugged, petrol powered scarifier. It sold in droves and everybody loved it. And the scarifier became a MowDirect favourite, destined for greatness with many, many great reviews and a loyal following of fans. Then, sadly, the supplies ran out … Continued

Autumn Preview – Exciting New Products Are On Their Way

As Summer rings its bell, starts to put chairs on the unoccupied tables and tells punters in a loud voice ‘Last orders ladies and gentlemen please’, we have nipped outside, looked at the sky and decided it’s time to get in early for the next shift. As Sean Bean may have said in an earlier … Continued

Last Chance to Grab a Bargain in Our Sizzling Summer Sale – Ends Soon

Yes. It’s that time of year again. Time to get yourself the best garden machinery bargain available before the sale ends and Christmas cards start appearing in the shops. Our Summer Sale has been quite an event, with the chance to pick up something very special for a once only price. These are genuine bargains, … Continued