My Great 8. An Octet of Top Lawn Mowers For 2019

Mowing time is upon us and the grass is growing under our feet, over our feet and everywhere else. We have a fabulous array of machines for you in our Spring collection and, rather like the old wedding tradition; we can offer “something old, something new something cordless and something blue.” Yes I know, it’s … Continued

Feider Ride-on Mower – Next Working Day Delivery with Minimum Self-Assembly

You may not have heard of Feider. But like great West End or Broadway musicals, before the reviews come out in the press, or acting stars before they are famous, it’s always good to buy a ticket early before everyone else wants a piece of the action. Same with this excellent ride-on. Get one now … Continued

3 Top Tillers For Soil Preparation – Breaking Ground but Not The Bank

As Spring starts to realise it’s time to change shifts properly with Winter and gets ready to kick him out and pinch his chair, it’s probably about time we begin to plan our 2019 gardens in earnest, and that we start thinking about our soil. Whether we are flower fans who like nothing more than … Continued

Why Should You Scarify Your Lawn ? Here’s Why And Three Top Scarifiers To Help

The grass is definitely growing. I could feel it under my feet at the weekend as I guiltily crept across to the shed to help myself to some home brewed stout, ignoring the pitiful cries of the lawn as I tried to pretend it wasn’t time to start thinking about lawn care in earnest. Just … Continued

Our Magnificent 7 Deals For Your Lawn

OK. The sun hasn’t exactly got his hat on just yet, but he is certainly trying a few on for size and considering coming out to play on a more permanent basis. Yes. The earth is gradually warming up as bleary-eyed daffodils on roundabouts peer around nervously, wondering when some cheapskate is coming along to … Continued