Mulch Ado About Autumn -See our Great Range of Feider Chipper Shredders

MacMulch: ‘Methinks I see a multitude of leaves. That fall like golden coin upon the green. Disease is harboured in those flaxen depths, And not a Feider Chipper to be seen. (Exit pursued by gardener) Exerpt from ‘Mulch Ado About Autumn‘ – by William Shakespeare)

Yes I know. The play doesn’t exist. I wrote it. It’s a cheap pun writ large. But I’ve written about this time of year so many times before it’s hard to know what to say. I’ve mentioned the poetry of Keats, the multi-coloured gown of Lady Autumn, the creepy joys of Halloween but most of all the clearing up of dirty great piles of leaves and twigs with a rake and getting them on to a compost heap.

No. It’s not all romance. As any gardener knows, this can be a messy time of year. I recently wrote about Feider’s fabulous range of Wheeled Vacuums, but if you don’t have one of those, what exactly do you do with your garden debris. ‘Just leave it there?’ I hear you shout from the four corners of the UK? Really? I don’t think so. I reply. ‘Why?’ comes the reposte.

OK. First up, that organic debris causes an unsightly mess in the garden, but even more pressing is the fact that wet, or even dry, leaves, twigs and clippings can be a trip hazard. They can also, as mentioned above, be a home for disease and can totally ruin your lawn. So what to do?

Yet again, up and coming brand Feider has the answer with a range of excellent, quality, reasonably priced Chipper Shredders that can change a messy menace into a marvellous mulch. Just gather it and chip and shred it and go get some lunch.

So let’s meet the gang. The Feider FBVE3000 is the ruthless Ninja of the shredding fraternity. It shreds beautifully but its drum-type shredding-system is far less noisy than lower-spec impact-types, so it’s ideal for urban areas or those times when you’d rather not disturb your neighbours.

It is powered by a very efficient, 2800kw brushless motor, delivering energy efficiency and durability.

It features a spacious 60-litre collection-box keeping the numbers of emptying stops down, and large transport wheels making the trip from shed to worksite easy.

There is an automatic in-feed for a faster work-rate; and a reverse-feed-function for making sure blockages are a thing of the past. The branch capacity is a sizeable 4.5cm.

And this MowDirect exclusive comes to you for just £169.00 including FREE next working day delivery and a lengthy FIVE year warranty.

Next up to podium is the Feider FBT70 Petrol Chipper-Shredder which is powerful and efficient and will deal with a variety of woody waste including hedge-clippings and small branches .

There’s plenty of oomph from the 173cc four-stroke petrol engine and thanks to its overhead-valve configuration, you benefit from great fuel-fewer emissions and reduced vibration and noise.

The Feider FBT70 uses hard-wearing, top-grade carbide-steel blades to do its work and a pair of smooth running transport wheels means its easy to move around the garden.

This power-packed chipper shredder is available exclusively from MowDirect at the low price of £299.95, (a saving of £200 on the list price)

As one of our customers recently noted…’Mechanically it’s very well built…. a lot of machine for £300 (chippers are expensive) and it does exactly what it’s supposed to ‘.

FREE next day delivery is included, as is a reassuring five year warranty.

Next we have the very robust and hard-working Feider FBT220 Petrol Chipper-Shredder and its upgraded, slightly more powerful sibling the Feider FBT270 Petrol Chipper-Shredder

Both are very ruggedly built and both have very efficient twin-cutting systems with metal flails for green waste and a tough metal blade that quickly reduces branches to chippings

Both have a large hopper for easy feeding of clippings, leaves and twigs and a feed chute at the side for feeding in branches up to 8.3cm – that’s pretty big. They both also feature large wheels with chunky pneumatic tyres for easy transport even across challenging terrain and both have OHV engines for smooth, low-vibration, fuel economic power.

The size of engine is the difference. The FB220 has a 4hp / 3kW engine with 212cc and the FBT270 features a more meaty 9hp / 6.7kW 270cc engine.

The FB220 is priced at just £599.00 (£300 below the RRP) while the FB270 comes in at £799.00 (also £300 below its RRP)

Both have an extended FIVE year warranty and both come with FREE next working day delivery to the UK mainland.

Next up is the industrial strength Feider FBT400 Heavy-Duty Petrol Chipper-Shredder.

Designed for large domestic properties, allotments, landscape contractors and so on, this rugged beast can mangle and mulch all types of garden debris from clippings and leaves, fed in through the large hooper up to through to pine-cones, large sized branches up to 10.2cm in diameter fed in through the dedicated branch loader at the side.

The work is done by a pair of High-Strength Steel (HSS) chipping-blades that are specially designed to produce a higher working rate.

The impressive performance is due not only to the tough blades but to a large-displacement OHV 420cc air-cooled four-stroke engine producing 15hp; operation but with lower fuel consumption, vibrations and noise than you would expect.

it runs on tough, pneumatic-tyred wheels and the drive-belt protects the engine for damage if overloaded.

The price for this well-built and hungry chipper is just £999.00, saving a massive £500 on the list price. FREE next day delivery and an extended 5 year warranty are included.

And last, but obviously not least, its the absolutely chiptastic top-class boss of the gang, the Feider FBT420 Petrol Chipper-Shredder.

This rugged and ready range-topping chipper shredder is powered by a very chunky 420cc four-stroke air-cooled engine, the OHV technology means it is quiet in operation, cheap to run and efficient on all counts.

The engine is protected by a belt-drive – so if overloaded, only the belt will need replacing.

The drum-based chipping/shredding-system is strong enough to take branches up to a very helpful 10cm in diameter and, of course, it will crunch leaves, munch grass-clippings, hedge-trimmings and any other organic debris with no problem.

The automatic in-feed enables you to get the next branch ready as the previous one is pulled through.

It can be moved around the working area courtesy of pneumatic-tyred transport-wheels and a handy transport-handle while a over-sized expansive hopper-opening can cope with means large amounts of debris at a time.

This top-of-the-class chipper shredder is available through MowDirect alone and costs £1,199.00 a saving of £300 on the RRP.

FREE next working day delivery to a UK mainland address and a 5 year warranty are part of this package.

Make no mistake. These six Feider chipper-shredders represent the kind of quality and value for money you will struggle to find elsewhere. Just look at what our customers are saying about Feider’s range.

‘…very good value for money. Very impressed with the features and build of the machine.’, Good Bit of Gear…got to say I’m very impressed…’, ‘ I was going to opt for the more expensive well known brand but I’m glad I saved myself £400 plus!’, ‘…simply brilliant. A doddle to assemble and an absolute dream to use.’ , ‘…extremely pleased with this machine and it’s well worth the price.’ , ‘I will be back for another machine’…

So there you have it. The Feider brand is surprising and delighting everyone, including us. Why not take a look at the whole range here .

Or, if you need more info or advice, call our friendly experts on 020 3026 8712 (Mon – Fri 9am to 5.30pm & Sat 9am to 5pm) (9-5 Weekdays and 9-4 Sat between October 27th and Sunday 25th March 2020)

Enjoy your garden Drew Hardy

NB: Warranties are subject to terms and Conditions. Check your paperwork.

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