Racing to the Top – Our Lowest Priced Ride-on Ever is Still Knocking ’em Dead. Get One Now at This Season’s Price

Back in April I wrote you a blog about our new Racing 62OR Ride-On Mower. A Ride-on for under a grand. You may remember I said this… ‘Why rare? Why groundbreaking? Well, because finding a ride-on mower of this quality for under a grand is generally incredibly hard, if at all possible. In fact, finding … Continued

New, Exciting and Raring to Go – Our Fabulous Feider Scarifier is Set to be a Star

Once upon a time, long ago, in a garden far, far away there was a little, rugged, petrol powered scarifier. It sold in droves and everybody loved it. And the scarifier became a MowDirect favourite, destined for greatness with many, many great reviews and a loyal following of fans. Then, sadly, the supplies ran out … Continued

New Racing Lawn Mowers. Power Driven, Best-in-class build-quality at VERY Low Prices

Wimbledon, World Cup Cricket, The Women’s Football World Cup, everywhere you look, fit and feisty athletes are grunting, thwacking and kicking balls around on the lush green grass that our recent weather has brought. And the grass is still growing, faster than Boris changes his mind. So it’s time to take that lawn in hand … Continued

Two Top Deals on these Best Selling Tractors. In Stock and Ready To Go.

We should be used to this by now. The summer all too often comes equipped with its own cold air blowers, water pistols and a blanket of grey gloom that makes Eeyore look jolly. Yup. Subjectively, it isn’t a great summer so far. But let’s be positive, the barbecues will appear, the sausages will sizzle, … Continued

Introducing Chipperfield PRO Tools – High Quality, Low Cost and the Best Value Around.

The grass is growing the hedges are untidy, the trees need pruning and the overgrown patches of weeds are unruly and unwelcome visitors that have arrived suddenly on our lawns. At least they won’t demand a state banquet and send mad tweets at 2 in the morning. But they do need to be dealt with. … Continued

Two Rear-Roller Mowers That Earn Their Stripes (and Give You Yours)

Don’t blink, just pinch yourself. No. You are not dreaming, it’s still sunny and…gasp…warm! The grass has been growing and the sky is the colour of a Manchester City shirt rather than Gandalfs’ pants. So what better time to take a look at two of MowDirect’s fabulous, exclusive rear-roller mowers. We have sourced these sleek … Continued

Look After Your New or Old Mower with a Protective Cover from Accessory Experts JR

You may be planning to buy a shiny new mower. You may well have bought one already. Great. Ride-on? Walk-Behind? Petrol powered? Battery? Lovely. Have you bought a cover? No? What? If you spent a fortune on a lovely car, let’s say an Aston Marten Vantage (sorry, had to stop there to wipe away some … Continued

My Six Super Lawncare Deals For The Easter Weekend

Writing an Easter-time blog without using any egg-based jokes is about as hard as trying to get a straight answer out of a politician. However, I shall try my hardest to do eggsactly that…DOH! Well, I’m only human. As I look out of my window, thinking about where to hide the Easter eggs so my … Continued

New for 2019. Introducing Hyundai – Affordable Quality & a Cut Above

As spring gradually makes itself comfortable, dumps its backpack on the sofa and stretches out on your favourite armchair, hogging the remote, we ask the question ‘what is new this season?’ Easy. At the risk of boasting, we have a host of shiny, new machines to show you, all of which are hand-picked for their … Continued

Aerate and Give Your Lawn a Drink with the Great Value Al-ko 38p Petrol Aerator

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What a summer it’s been. Hotter than a fireman’s trousers and drier than a desert rat’s boots. And it’s all left our lawns looking rather the worse for wear in so many places. However, when the rain does come again (and we’ve seen some already) you need to make sure your lawn, rather like me … Continued