Cut Out the Effort & Tidy Up The Garden with this Easy to Use, Highly Affordable Mini Wheeled-Trimmer

Anyone who has ever used an old style brushcutter will know what I mean when I say…OW! Achey arms? Hurty back? throbby wrists? How I wished, the first time I used one, back in the old black and white days, that some bright spark would invent a simple, easy and smooth way to deal with the ranging Kiplingesque wilderness growing at the bottom of what I laughingly call my garden.

And then they did. A Wheeled Trimmer. Hooray. And now they’ve done it better. A Feider Wheeled Trimmer. Double hooray. Why better? Well, where shall I start? It’s simple equation really…

Low Cost + High Build Quality + Good Performance = Great Value.

If you look at the growing number of reviews on our site for Feider products you will start to see a build-quality and value for money shaped pattern emerging.

Very impressed with the features and build of the machine….Great price, great cut…’,

‘I was going to opt for the more expensive well known brand but I’m glad I saved myself £400 plus!

‘I am well pleased and build quality is fab.’

The premium quality Trimmer Feider BTR55 Mini Wheeled-Trimmer is from the same school of rugged construction as the rest of the Feider range. It is a powerful, simple but effective way of tidying your borders and clearing up the long grass.

It is powered by an air-cooled two-stroke, 52cc engine which provides an impressive 1.9hp to the cutting head.

The large-diameter spoked wheels, with heavy-duty tread tyres make for good manoeuvrability in long grass and on difficult terrain.

The wide 45cm cutting-width gives great coverage on large areas.

The Feider BTR55 is available exclusively through MowDirect and costs an amazing £149, a saving off £50 on the list price and a real autumn clean-up bargain.

It comes with FREE next working day delivery to any address on the UK mainland and 2 year manufacturers warranty and if it is anything like our other Feider products we advise you to snap one up while we still have stock.

If you need any help and advice about this or any other products, please call our our team of friendly experts, on  020 3026 8712 from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm Mon – Fri and 9.00 am to 5.00 pm Sat.

Have used Mow Direct in the past so very helpful advice from them on pros/cons of available machines led to this choice. A lovely piece of kit which is both very easy to operate and highly efficient.‘ B. Brown

Enjoy your garden. Drew Hardy

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