Santa Dick and The Red-nosed Reindeer Ride To the Rescue

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Drew Hardy

Freelance Writer at Mowdirect
A keen allotmenteer with an interest in all things horticultural, Drew has a varied writing background with experience in a number of fields including garden machinery, lawn care and compost. His first experience with gardening was a cultivating a small plot he was given by his house master at school. He grew a decent crop of radishes and lettuce and sold them to a local shop, exhibiting his first, and last, sign of an entrepreneurial spark. Drew lives in North London with his wife, two children and a slightly bonkers cat
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Well. My inestimable colleague Dick Roberts has surpassed himself. Selfless, heroic and taking incredible risks to get gardening information to his reader. Traipsing through the cold like Good King Wenceslas to help you, our customers, make the right buying choices. Yesterday he went a step further than usual and turned himself into a reindeer in … Continued

Black Friday: Eight top garden bargains you must not miss

Dick Roberts

Norfolk journalist and countryman, now retired from daily newspaper life but still commentating and writing. Keen gardener, when dodgy back allows, and devout researcher of local ales and French wines. Married with two children who have flown the nest, but return regularly to empty the fridge. Living in listed country cottage which gets more expensive by the year to maintain. Retired but still writing regular columns and pieces for web sites.
It’s Black Friday here at Mowdirect, with discounted prices on 30 products you can see on these pages and to whet your appetite here are eight top deals, so read on to see great bargains on garden machinery. You will save yourselves a packet as most of these will not be repeated and manufacturer’s are … Continued

Sweep Away the Autumn Cobwebs with these Top Quality Feider Leaf Sweepers

A new broom sweeps clean, so they say. Well, that’s all very well but a new, quality, well-built Feider Sweeper sweeps even cleaner and you have to expend far less energy clearing your back garden. By now, any regular readers will know that products from our new and exclusive brand Feider, with its ongoing mission … Continued

Winter is Coming! Five Top Log-Splitters from Feider to Help Light Your Fire

As the cold season approaches, and every other blogger uses Sean Bean’s House Stark motto, ‘Winter is Coming’ from Game of Thrones as a strap-line to grab out attention, our thoughts gradually turn to winter fantasies of roaring fires in the hearth, the smell of woodsmoke gently pervading the air and possibly the faint scent … Continued

Racing to the Top – Our Lowest Priced Ride-on Ever is Still Knocking ’em Dead. Get One Now at This Season’s Price

Back in April I wrote you a blog about our new Racing 62OR Ride-On Mower. A Ride-on for under a grand. You may remember I said this… ‘Why rare? Why groundbreaking? Well, because finding a ride-on mower of this quality for under a grand is generally incredibly hard, if at all possible. In fact, finding … Continued

Top Autumn Deal – You Won’t Find a Tougher Tiller at This Price

As my regular reader will know, (hello Mum) I usually start my blogs with some witty story or social comment, appertaining to the subject only in a lateral sense, rambling on with the occasional Bon Mot, eventually leading to my actual purpose – to tell you about our good deals. Not this time. (See what … Continued

Mulch Ado About Autumn -See our Great Range of Feider Chipper Shredders

MacMulch: ‘Methinks I see a multitude of leaves. That fall like golden coin upon the green. Disease is harboured in those flaxen depths, And not a Feider Chipper to be seen. (Exit pursued by gardener) Exerpt from ‘Mulch Ado About Autumn‘ – by William Shakespeare) Yes I know. The play doesn’t exist. I wrote it. … Continued

Clean Up Now with our New and Exclusive Range of Wheeled Leaf Vacuums

Ah Autumn. To Shakespeare it is ‘That time of year thou mayst in me behold, When yellow leaves, or none, or few, do hang. ‘ To Keats is is ‘Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, close bosom friend of the maturing sun‘ and to the great Christina Rossetti it is ‘Mine avenue is all a … Continued

Get Going Fast with Our Two NEW Feider 4-in-1, Self-Propelled Mowers with Electric Start

It may be late September but the grass is still growing and there is no better way to cut the lawn than with one of our fabulous new Feider petrol mowers, the Feider T4640ES 4-in-1 and the Feider T5175ES both 4-in-1, both self-propelled and both with easy and convenient electric start. They are efficient, great … Continued

New BackPack Leaf Blower – an Autumn Special that will Blow You Away

As Autumn’s golden glow approaches and the Indian summer finally throws her scattered belongings in a Gucci case and bids a tearful farewell, our thoughts turn to falling leaves and bonfire toffee. Then, as our departing guest turns at the door briefly to remind us her cousin, ‘Regular Summer’, has pencilled in late June for … Continued