Santa Dick and The Red-nosed Reindeer Ride To the Rescue

Well. My inestimable colleague Dick Roberts has surpassed himself. Selfless, heroic and taking incredible risks to get gardening information to his reader.

Traipsing through the cold like Good King Wenceslas to help you, our customers, make the right buying choices. Yesterday he went a step further than usual and turned himself into a reindeer in order to give us some information regarding two excellent tractors.  So, in honour of Dick, the true spirit of Christmas, I have cobbled together this little ditty…

The Red-nosed Reindeer Ride and Santa Dick to the Rescue

Twas Christmas in the Garden and the air was full of frost

No-one came out to tend their shrubs, or add to their compost.

Except one lonely gardener, so sad and so careworn.

His ancient, trusty mower lying broken on his lawn.

“What shall I do” he uttered “I”ve got one more cut to go.

I have to mow this massive lawn before it starts to snow”.

When suddenly through the freezing air a figure came in sight.

All dressed in red, his balding head was wrapped in tinsel bright.

He sat upon a tractor pallet, leather reigns in hand.

And pulling him was Rudolph, shiny nose and harness grand.

The gleaming Santa’s lawntractor

Twas Santa Dick, of MowDirect, “Fear not my friend” he said “Your courier’s stuck in a drift, so I have come instead.

Your Lawnflite 603 awaits, it’s polished, cleaned and ready. Just lend a hand, let’s lift it off, OK now, take it steady”.

They pushed and pulled and pretty soon the tractor stood there gleaming.

“I can’t believe it !” said the gardener, “Cripes. I must be dreaming”.

“No dream” our Santa Dick replied, stifling a shiver,

A Merry Christmas to you ! Now. We’ve one more to deliver. Come Rudolph” and he leapt upon the reindeer’s sturdy back.

“Let’s fetch the Mountfield 827H Compact from the sack”.

Great machine: Mountfield 827H compact lawn rider

And thus they flew into the night as the gardener watched the skies, knowing some other lucky bod was in for a surprise.

And so the moral of my tale, as any fool should know, is always come to MowDirect in sun, or rain, or snow.

We’ve mowers, blowers, chainsaws, trimmers all the best price, we’ve special staff like Santa Dick to give you free advice.

Yes, one quick click and there you are, we’ll try to make you smile, and even in the snow, we’ll try to go the extra mile!


So. There you are. And it’s all true! Enjoy your garden.

Drew Hardy

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