Buying a Chainsaw: What Do I Look For? Use Our MowHow

Yes.. Me again. Dick and I are just swapping slots for a while. Anyhow, you will have noticed Dick was extolling the virtues of a superb Oleo-Mac Chainsaw (the Oleo-Mac GS-650 Professional Petrol Chainsaw, at £579 a full £120 below the RRP!) Chainsaw: a Pro and Powerful Oleo-Mac Chainsaw Now last week I did a … Continued

Power the Future and Be Prepared With an Energizer Generator | Best UK Generators

Power cuts, storms, freezing temperatures. Yes, in the words of Eddard Stark,  Winter’s coming and there are a million and one hazards to deal with every time jolly Mr Freeze dons his white his puffer jacket, sticks his chilly hands in his pocket and comes to stay for a few months. Well, we can’t do … Continued

New Deals for A New Year. Welcome The New Season With One Of Our Exclusives

Ah. 2020. Doesn’t it just have the ring, the chime, the vibe of a good year about it? Forget 2019, flung away like last year’s Christmas wrapping paper and consigned to the bin marked ‘Annus Horibilis’ forever to be forgotten. It’s time to move on, people. And, look, green shoots are already starting to push … Continued

Thinking About Buying A Chainsaw? Here’s a Brief Guide

We’ve had high winds from Eastern Europe and now from Africa and with fallen and broken branches everywhere – rather like Sports Direct – this is a great time to get out that Chainsaw and turn fallen wood into free firewood. But if you’ve never bought or used a Chainsaw before, the whole process can … Continued

Santa Dick and The Red-nosed Reindeer Ride To the Rescue

Well. My inestimable colleague Dick Roberts has surpassed himself. Selfless, heroic and taking incredible risks to get gardening information to his reader. Traipsing through the cold like Good King Wenceslas to help you, our customers, make the right buying choices. Yesterday he went a step further than usual and turned himself into a reindeer in … Continued

There’s Still Time To Order a Great Gardening Gift For Christmas – But Hurry!

White Christmas, Green Christmas or OMG it’s Christmas, whatever our Christmas is looking like, it’s way too late to deny that it is just around the corner. And as everyone ticks off presents from their list, Roy Wood, Noddy Holder and Mariah Carey gaze with joy at their Christmas royalty payments and Turkeys start to … Continued

Christmas Is Coming – Get Your Top Gardening Gifts Here

Yup. It’s here. It’s December, it’s cold, and even a grumpy Scrooge clone like me is starting to be able to hear the seasonal sounds of Slade, Wizzard and George Michael without scowling and kicking the radiogram whilst pointing out, at a loud volume to anyone who is listening, that ‘Fairytale of New York’ is … Continued

Aerate and Give Your Lawn a Drink with the Great Value Al-ko 38p Petrol Aerator

What a summer it’s been. Hotter than a fireman’s trousers and drier than a desert rat’s boots. And it’s all left our lawns looking rather the worse for wear in so many places. However, when the rain does come again (and we’ve seen some already) you need to make sure your lawn, rather like me … Continued

It Went Home – To France. So. My Favourite Penalties of All Time

Yes. It’s all over. It went home to France which seems fair enough, bearing in mind The World Cup tournament itself was the idea of a Frenchman, Monsieur Jules Rimmet (Still gleaming). The often-inevitable result of any sporting success (and yes, we were successful, we got to the semi-finals against the odds, won a penalty … Continued

Dreaming Of Your Holidays? What About The Garden?

Breaking news. It seems that scientists working on the Large Hadron Collider in Cerne, have initiated a microscopic shift in the earth’s rotation which has created a location-specific temporal anomaly whereby the whole world seems normal, except there is a Teletubby in charge of the USA, the UK’s weather has reverted to the summer of … Continued