New, Exciting and Raring to Go – Our Fabulous Feider Scarifier is Set to be a Star

Once upon a time, long ago, in a garden far, far away there was a little, rugged, petrol powered scarifier. It sold in droves and everybody loved it. And the scarifier became a MowDirect favourite, destined for greatness with many, many great reviews and a loyal following of fans.

Then, sadly, the supplies ran out and our little scarifier was no more. So, after shedding a manly tear, the clever buyer at MowDirect searched high and low across the seven seas and, finally, he found another little scarifier, now set to be star.

And here it is. Built for hard work, solid, functional, excellent at its job, selling for an incredibly low price, even lower than our last star scarifier.

It’s brimming with value and quality, and starting to get the kind of following that would make Taylor Swift sit up and take notice – Ladies and Gentlemen I give you…the Feider FST212 Petrol Lawn Scarifier.

As any enthusiast will tell you, if your lawn looks ragged, worn, tired or is spongy or discoloured (like me after a good Saturday night) it may well be due to thatch; organic debris that sits in the surface, choking the grass and stealing precious nutrients, blocking water and air, stopping the lawn from breathing.

This superb scarifier, from an exciting European brand, can change all that, using its 18 steel-tipped blades to drag the debris out of the lawn on one setting and, on another setting, will leave tiny slits that give it space and the freedom to take in water, air and nutrients and grow healthy looking and verdant again. It has eight preset working-depths altogether (-15 to +5mm which offer all this flexibility and more.

Powered by a 212cc air-cooled four-stroke OHV engine delivering 3hp, the most powerful in its class, the Feider FST212 features large, 17.5cm-diameter double-ball-bearing mounted wheels to ensure a smooth run and resist stiffening up over time, and its 45cm working width gives you the capability of covering lawns up to 2000m2.

Solidly built, with a robust steel chassis and housing it offers ergonomic comfort and easy storage with its foldable, soft-grip handlebars.

Our new star scarifier is already causing a stir with customers.

I am well pleased and build quality is fab… I have just ordered another Feider machine – praise indeed!…thanks to MowDirect for pointing me in the right direction...’

Great value for the money…I can’t believe how good it is.’

All it is Claimed to Be…Very pleased with this purchase’

Excellent Machine…Delighted with my purchase. It’s a powerful, yet very easy to use machine…’

So. Don’t just take their word for it. Check the Feider FST212 Scarifier out out for yourself.

It costs just £279.95, over £200 below the list price and comes with FREE NEXT WORKING DELIVERY TO THE UK MAINLAND and a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind.

You’d be mad not to snap one up soon, they are selling fast.

Enjoy your garden. Drew Hardy.

*Currently our Feider FST212 is shipping in a grey livery, not orange.

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