Mowers and tractors for larger lawns – there’ll be one here that’s right for you

Larger lawns can quickly become untidy if they are not regularly cut and the temptation to install a few sheep has been on many homeowners minds recently.

For with grass growing faster than ever thanks to all the rain mowing at least once a week has become vital.

Scruffy lawns spoil the appearance of any house but especially larger properties with larger lawns.

And a neatly cut lawn of around 1000m2 and more can show off properties better than anything.

Remember we have an unrivalled selection of all sorts of lawnmowers from small hand-propelled models for inner city back gardens to lawn tractors made to tackle small estates.

If you’re in the lucky position of needed a mower for a larger area, here are 12 top machines – six lawnmowers and six lawn tractors – you should consider before making your selection.

MTD M53BS lawnmower
American power: MTD M53BS lawnmower

But remember, we’re here on 08454 588905 to give you advice if you’re not sure which machine is right for you.

The first is an exclusive machine with a winder cut suitable for lawns around 1000m2.

The MTD 53BS Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower used a Briggs & Stratton 150cc engine with electronic ignition for easy starting.

This is a great value-for-money mower with cutting heights from 20mm to 90mm and a 563cm cutting width.

The grass box holds a massive 80 litres.

The mower sports rear wheel drive and has enough power to tackle the rougher areas of the lawn as well as slopes.

It costs £249, £120 less than  the recommended price and has a two year warranty and free delivery the next working day.

Next is a mower new and exclusive to us for this year and a really smart-looking machine made in the States.

Great Value: MTX Jupiter lawnmower
Great Value: MTX Jupiter lawnmower

The MTX Jupiter 53SPA Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower with Alloy Deck has a 170cc engine and is designed to let you either collect or mulch the clippings or discharge them to the back, useful for cutting less formal areas.

It is based on an aluminium cutting deck which will not corrode thus giving the mower a longer life.

The cutting width is 53cm and the grass box holds 65 litres. Cutting heights are from  25mm to 75mm.

This mower also has a protective front bumper – just in case – and a carrying handle at the front which makes it easier to put into the car boot if a relations wants to borrow it.

This one is £130 less than the recommended price at £229 and has a two year warranty and free delivery the next working day.

Now a long-time favourite from an Italian manufacturer, strong and great value for money.

Oleo-Mac G 53-TK plus 4 lawn mower
Bag a bargain: Oleo-Mac G53-TK All Road plus 4 lawn mower

The Oleo-Mac G53-TK AllRoad Plus-4 Self-Propelled Lawn Mower, still on special offer, which lets you either collect the clippings or mulch them or discharge them to the back or the side.

With a cutting width of 53cm and a huge 196cc Emak engine, this can tackle large areas of all sorts of grass and has plenty of power to tackle undulating lawns as well as areas like paddocks or orchards.

Or mowing between rows of vines – yes we have had people buying this machine to tackle this job.

Cutting heights are from 28mm to 75mm and the grass box holds a 75 litres.

See here to see what other purchasers thought of the mower here.

It is priced at £319.95, a reduction of £180 on the maker’s recommended price, has a five year warranty and free next working day delivery.

That was a favourite for several years, but this is a new one for 2016.

The Morrison Oxford 54RS Self-Propelled Petrol Roller Lawnmower is the one to consider if you have a larger lawn, say around 1500m2 and want a striped finish.

Morrison Oxford lawnmower
Neat stripes: Morrison Oxford lawnmower

Powered by a long-lasting Briggs & Stratton engine it has solid steel rear rollers to leave the iconic stripes often a feature of country house gardens and make it possible to cut right up to the lawn’s edges.

And has an aluminium cutting deck to resist corrosion.

The cutting width is 54 cm and heights are from a very low 10mm to 70mm. The grass box can take 70 litres.

With this mower there is also a free gift of a 10-litre jerry can which normally costs £24.95.

Delivered free the next working day it has a five year warranty.

Now one from a well-established British manufacturer and a long-time favourite with householders wanting a perfect lawn.

The Hayter R53A Power-Driven Recycling Lawn Mower VS ES (Sens-A-Speed Transmission, Aluminium Deck) (Code: 449) has a handy feature which lets you set the speed at which you mow rather than letting the machine be the boss.

This mower will collect as well as mulch the clippings and discharge them to the side as well.

Power is provided by a Briggs & Stratton 190cc engine and cutting heights are from 25mm to 114mm and the grass box holds over 54 litres.

Hayter re-cycling mower
British machine: Hayter R53A Recycling mower

This mower also has a free gift of a 10-litre jerry can and is also delivered with a free bottle of engine oil to get you started.

It is priced at £659, £100 off the recommended price and is delivered free the next working day with a three year warranty.

And this mower is one often preferred by the owners of really large gardens.

The Toro 20975 TimeMaster Twin Cut Lawnmower has a really wide 76cm cutting width and is fitted with twin blades to mulch the cut grass very finely before dropping it back to the turf where it rots down, forming  a valuable mulch and fertilizer.

You can also collect the clippings in the 88-litre grass box and discharge them to the side where appropriate.

It has a Briggs & Stratton 190cc engine which the makers say will start in two pulls or less.

Toro Timermaster Twin Cut lawn mower
Twin Blades: Toro Timesmaster twin cut mower

This mower is also designed to let you chose the pace at which you work and has a Traction Assist device for more challenging conditions.

For such a large mower it is surprisingly manoeuvrable and for many is an alternative to a ride-on mower.

Cutting heights are from 32mm to 108mm and a blade brake clutch stopes the drive to the blades when crossing paths so you don’t have to stop the engine.

This is £100 less than the recommended price at £899 and is delivered free within two to three working days with a bottle of engine oil.

There is a three-year warranty.

Now for six top lawn tractors and ride-ons.

The Lawnflite Mini Rider 60RDHE Ride-On Mower is a great-looking machine for lawns just a big too big for a conventional mower.

MTD Lawnflite MiniRider
Easy to drive: Lawnflite MiniRider

This has a 190cc Briggs & Stratton engine, quiet when running and started with a key.

It has cutting heights from 38mm to 95mm with five settings and a turnign circle of just 46cm.

It can collect clippings as well as mulch them and discharge them to the side making it a really versatile machine. And it has wide tyres which will not scuff the lawn.

It costs £1399, £200 off the recommended price, has a two-year warranty and is delivered free within two to three working days.

Here’s one new and exclusive to us at MowDirect.

The MTD 2-in-1 Combi Lawn Tractor has a 420cc ThorX engine and can deal with both the rougher areas of the garden and smooth lawns.

It has a 96cm cutting deck which pivots so it follows the contours of the lawn and won’t scalp it or leave clumps uncut in sloping areas.

You can either eject the cutting to the side or mulch them and it is fitted with a comfortable seat – and the design makes it easy to get on and off.

Versatility: MTD 2 - in - 1 Combi Lawn Tractor
Versatility: MTD 2 – in – 1 Combi Lawn Tractor

The turning radius is just 46 cm giving it great manoeuvrability.

It costs £1299 and has a free mulch kit delivered with it which usually costs £79.

Order it by 3pm Friday and you can be mowing the next day for a small extra charge.

Delivery is normally free within two to three working days and there is a two year warranty.

Now a popular machine from one of the country’s leading brands.

The Mountfield 1530H Lawn Tractor has an84cm cutting width and twin cutting blades to give a superb finish.

This is designed for larger lawns and has a 452cc Mountfield engine with hydrostatic transmission so it drives much like an automatic car. A six litre fuel tank keeps you working longer.

The airflow created by the twin blades makes it an excellent collector of the clippings, even when it’s wet – the grass box holds 240 litres.

Cutting heights are from 25mm to 80mm.

When you’re finished you can clean the cutting deck just by attaching a garden hose.

Yo can buy a mulch plug and town hitch as optional extras.

It costs £1799, £200 off the price recommended and delivery is normally within two to three working days although you can have it delivered on a Saturday for an extra charge of you order by 3pm Friday.

There is a five year warranty.

Now something new for 2016 – a lawn tractor which leave a striped finish.

Simplicity Regent lawn tractor
Striped finish Simplicity Regent XL/SLT2 Lawn Tractor

The Simplicity Regent XL/SLT200 Garden Tractor (with Striping Roller) has a 117cm cutting deck and a striping roller and is powered by a Briggs & Stratton 724cc twin cylinder engine.

As well as leaving a great finish on the lawn the tractor will also discharge clippings on the less formal areas where appearance is not so important.

The cutting deck is free floating so it follows the contours of the ground and it can be easily removed without tools when being used for towing garden attachments like trailers or leaf sweepers.

It is also very comfortable and easy to drive with a padded seat and cruise control.

And with cruise control it drives much like an automatic car.

It costs £2799, £350 off the recommended price and is delivered free within four to six working days with a free mulch kit.

There is a two year maker’s warranty.

This next one is from Italy and with its cutting width of 105cm can handle areas up to three acres.

The Oleo-Mac OM105-20H Garden Tractor lets you mulch the clippings, collect them or discharge them at the back – a rear deflector plate is an optional extras.

Olwo-Mac 105-2oH garden tractor
Powerful engine: Oleo-Mac 105-20H garden tractor

The 656cc Briggs & Stratton delivers bags of power and it has hydrostatic transmission.

It is also a very comfortable lawn tractor with an adjustable padded seat and a comprehensive dashboard, much like a family car. It also has extensive vibration damping. And it is fitted with a front bumper.

Twin blades produce a strong air current under the cutting deck and gives excellent collection of damp grass.

It is priced at £3299, a reduction of £500 on the price recommended and is delivered within three to five working days with a five year warranty.

And finally a machine suitable for large estates and parks and golf courses as it is very easy to use in tight areas.

The Simplicity Contender SZT550 Commercial Zero-Turn Ride-On Mower, on special offer, is from a leading manufacturer from the USA and has a 724cc Briggs & Stratton engine, easy to start and relaible and made for demanding tasks.

The cutting deck is 132cm and one of the widest available and made to handle undulating ground without scalping it.

Simplicity Zero Turn Ride-on
Commercial machine: Simplicity Contender Zero Turn ride-on

Clippings are discharged to the side and you can buy a mulch plug if you need a smoother finish.

It has arm rests, an adjustable seat and cruise control to make this a really comfortable tractor to drive for long periods.

There are 12 cutting heights and a heavy-duty steel bumper – just in case.

It costs £4499, a massive £2500 off the recommended price and has a two-year warranty.

We deliver it free within four to six working days.

These are just twelve of our suggestions for larger lawns and our full list of mowers is on these pages while ride-ons and tractors are listed here.




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