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What Is the Best Ride-On Mower & How to Choose a Lawn Tractor

Our must-read guide: how to buy a lawn tractor or ride-on mower

Here at MowDirect, we’re proud to be the UK’s leading online lawn mower and garden machinery retailer.

This article will provide tips and advice on how to choose a lawn tractor or ride-on mower that’s right for your lawn, your requirements and your budget.

What is the difference between a lawn tractor and a ride-on mower?

Before you think about how to choose a lawn tractor or ride-on mower, it’s important to understand the difference between the two.

These are the main differences:

  • Power
    Lawn tractors usually have larger-displacement engines with greater horsepower and torque compared to a ride-on mower. Lawn tractors can handle tasks such as attachment towing and heavy-load haulage.
  • Capabilities and attachments
    A lawn tractor can be used for numerous tasks beyond mowing. They can accommodate a range of attachments, from trailers, front-end loaders and rollers, through to tillers, de-thatchers and spreaders. Some ride-on mower models can accommodate attachments, but they tend to be more basic.
  • Size
    Lawn tractors are typically larger and more heavy-duty than regular ride-on mowers. Because of their additional attachments, lawn tractors usually have a wider cutting-deck and a more hefty frame. Ride-on mowers tend to be more compact and easier to manoeuvre around obstacles and landscape features.
  • Operation and usage
    Ride-on mowers are designed for primarily for mowing, are easier to operate, and require less complex maintenance.
  • Cost
    Ride-on mowers tend to be more budget-friendly – both to buy and to maintain – when compared to lawn tractors.

If you’re considering what’s preferable – ride-on mower or lawn tractor – it’s important to think about your budget, the size of your lawn, and whether you need the versatility of being able to perform additional garden tasks aside from mowing.

What lawn tractor should I buy?

There are no hard-and-fast rules for determining the type of sit-on mower you need – every customer has different requirements. We recommend you assess your garden’s needs, including:

  • Lawn size
    The size of your lawn will determine the engine power and cutter-deck width needed for efficient mowing.
  • Terrain
    Is your garden smooth and flat, or rough or sloped?
  • Garden layout
    Do you have intricate landscaping features and/or restricted access?

It’s also worth thinking about the other features you require, such as cutting-height adjustment range, transmission preference (manual or hydrostatic) and accessories, such as mulching kits, deflectors and collection bags.

If your lawn’s less than half an acre, it may be worth considering a regular walk-behind lawn mower. Click to read our guide to choosing the right lawn mower.

What is the best ride-on mower for my garden?

We have a broad range of high-quality ride-on mowers and lawn tractors. Choose from some of the best-known manufacturers on the market, including Mountfield, Stiga, Lawnflite, Cub Cadet, Oleo-Mac and Simplicity.

If you find the choice a bit daunting, here’s our quick guide to what’s the best ride on-mower or tractor mower for…

… a +5 acre garden or estate?
Our heavy-duty garden tractors are capable of handling five acres or more, and can accommodate a range of weighty attachments with ease.

… a larger garden that needs to be tended all-year round?
A garden tractor with a high performance V-Twin engine and bigger cutter-deck is ideal for larger properties, especially when combined with any of our lawn tractor attachments.

… sloped terrain?
If your garden has some slopes, a 4WD model is best. If you need to tow heavier attachments, it’s important to choose a lawn tractor with a cylinder capacity that’s appropriately substantial.

… long or rough grass?
Our robust garden tractors are the ideal solution for large areas of rough grass. The side-discharge models are suitable for managing longer grass.

… limited access?
Many of our compact rear-engine ride-on lawn mowers are made to fit through a standard garden gate, and are ideal for lawns of up to 1 acre.

… overhanging bushes or awkward corners?
If you have overhanging shrubs and hard-to-reach areas, for superior visibility and access, you can’t beat a ride-on lawn mower with an out-front deck.

… intricate landscaped lawns and gardens with flowerbeds?
For optimum manoeuvrability, we recommend our zero-turn ride-on mowers – the perfect solution for mowing neatly, safely and accurately around trees, landscape features and other obstacles.

What is the best time to buy a lawn tractor?

The best time to buy a lawn tractor or ride-on mower can vary, depending on your requirements, but here are some considerations:

  1. Early-season sales
    As mowing season approaches, many retailers will offer springtime promotions.
  2. End-of-season sales
    A good time to look for a lawn tractor or ride-on mower in the UK is at the end of summer, when the mowing-season’s nearing its end. This is because retailers want to clear their stock before winter arrives. However, here at MowDirect, we have great deals on lawn tractors all year round.
  3. Retail days
    Although we offer competitive prices all year round, it’s worth keeping an eye out for dates in the retail calendar, such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday.
  4. New-model releases
    When a new model of lawn tractor is released, we tend to sell the previous model at a reduced price.

However, if your old mower no longer works, or you’ve moved to a property with a larger lawn area, you’ll probably need to buy a ride-on mower or lawn tractor – regardless of the point within the mowing season.

We’re pleased to offer our customers a great range of mower models – often with unbeatable discounts. We also have a section of our site dedicated to refurbished used lawn mowers and lawn care machinery, where you’ll find some great deals on lawn tractors and ride-on mowers of all shapes and sizes.

Buy a lawn tractor from the UK’s leading online retailer!

When investing in a new ride-on mower or lawn tractor, it’s important to choose the model that’s right for your garden.

Whatever lawn-care machinery you’re looking for, we offer a huge range of options, with something to suit all gardens and budgets. Click on our lawn tractor section to explore the different products we offer, including:

  • Rear engine ride-on mowers
  • Lawn tractors
  • Heavy-duty garden tractors
  • Horticultural and landscaping tractors
  • Front-cut ride-on mowers
  • Zero-turn ride-on mowers
  • Lawn tractor attachments and accessories

Still wondering which lawn tractor to buy? If you’d like some more advice, please call our friendly team on 020 3026 8712. Alternatively, please send a message to us at [email protected].

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