Can’t start your mower after the Winter? Solution is here.

So, Your Machine Won’t Start After The Winter? Did you drain out the fuel and run it dry before you put it away last season? If the answer is no, then the most likely reason your mower will not starts is because the fuel has gone off. This year, with the move from E5 to E10 unleaded … Continued

Grow your own vegetables, they taste so much better

Nothing beats the taste of fresh vegetables from your own garden! And if you don’t have your own plot, now’s the time to start work preparing one. You can start sowing the first salads this month. In this MowBlog edition, we talk about some basic garden advice on soil preparation to ensure success growing anything … Continued

Manage your garden waste the easy way

Gardens – even smaller ones – can generate substantial amounts of waste, from pruning debris, grass-clippings and hedge-trimmings, through to leaves, deadheaded flowers and even pine cones. Together, this horticultural detritus is going to take-up a huge amount of space in your composter or council collection bin.There’s a simple solution to this problem though – … Continued

Best-selling Mountfield lawn tractors for large lawns and paddocks

If you have a larger lawn or rough grass like orchards or paddocks to keep looking spruce one of these lawn tractors from Mountfield will do the trick. They are Britain’s best-selling tried and proved workhorses and can be delivered to your door within two to three working days so you could be mowing before … Continued

Time to get back in the garden and assess winter’s damage

First there were gales, then rain and now snow and ice. And sometimes all four in the same day. So when things warm up a bit at the weekend we need to get out in to the garden to assess and tidy up a bit. First have a look at the flower borders. If you … Continued


The new Spring edition of Living Woods Magazine, contains a very special section for us! Arborist expert and LWM writer, Rich Hare writes a chainsaw review on our very own Feider Chainsaw – Pro 45. Living Woods Magazine is a quarterly magazine for everyone who loves woodlands, trees and timber. You can subcribe for free … Continued

TOP 10 | Garden Tractors and Ride On Mowers for 2021

With spring around the corner, it’s time to get the garden back in shape and look forward to spending more time outdoors. Our TOP 10 | Garden Tractors and Ride On Mowers for 2021 is an essential guide for those looking for a new ride-on or lawn tractor in 2021. Choose from leading brands Mountfield, Feider, Oleo Mac, … Continued

New year, new machines, here are ten innovative products to make life in the garden easier

As the UK’s leading garden machinery store, we are constantly expanding our range of goods with new, innovative and exciting products to take advantage of new technologies and engineering developments. Just as plant breeders come up with new varieties each year and expand their offerings so machinery companies develop and refine their lists, so here … Continued

Choosing A Petrol Chainsaw

Choosing a Chainsaw| Feider PRO Petrol Chainsaw Range In our last post we looked at the new Feider Top handle Chainsaw, ideally suited for lopping and pruning. If you’re looking for a chainsaw for logging and sawing tree trunks, to cut thicker logs for firewood or cutting trees a conventional style Chainsaw is required. the Feider PRO 40, PRO 45 and PRO 55 are worth considering when choosing a chainsaw. Part of Feider’s new Home … Continued

Top of the Top Handle Chainsaws | Feider

New!  Semi-Pro Top Handle Chainsaw. A few weeks ago we launched Feider’s new Home and Semi-Pro arborist chainsaw range, due to popular demand and numerous customer enquiries about these new models, we’ve decided to focus today’s newsletter on the Feider PRO 25 Top Handle Chainsaw and provide some guidance on why and when to use a Top Handle Chainsaw and some Safety Guidance. We … Continued