It’s Deal Time – have a look at our great gardening bargains for September

There is a distinctly autumnal feel to the mornings with the grass soaked with dew and a slight nip in the air.

And while the flowers are still blooming healthily and the lawn growing quite rapidly it feels as if autumn with its beautiful colours and falling leaves is only just round the corner.

It is important to keep working in the garden to make sure it is its best through the next month even though it is tempting to think summer is over and so we have launched Deal Time with terrific bargains on mowers, hedge trimmers and brushcutters and even a garden tractor.

You can see the full list of these bargains here and to give you a taste of what’s in store here are ten top deals on garden machinery you’ll find really useful for this busy season in the garden.

Al-Ko 4210 lawnmower
German power: Al-Ko 4210hpd lawnmower

First is the Al-Ko 4210HPD Easy Mow Petrol Power Driven Lawnmower (Honda Engine).

This mower from a leading German engineering company has three ways of dealing with the cut grass. You can either collect it in the 65-litre grass box, mulch it or discharge it at the back.

But if you’re mulching, let the dew dry from the lawn first.

Beating at its heart is a 135cc Honda engine, reliable, easy-starting and mean on fuel and emissions.

Large wheels make it easy to turn and it has seven cutting heights from 25mm to 75mm. It has a cutting width of 42cm and folding handlebars to save space in the garden shed.

The recommended price for this mower is £459 but we have it on sale for £329, a bargain for such a well-engineered machine.

We deliver it FREE the next working day and there is a five year warranty as well as FREE oil.

Now, a couple of mowers from Lawnflite, another leading company, these new for this year and exclusive to MowDirect.

The Lawnflite 21 SPW-ES 4-in-1 Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower with Electric Start has the company’s own 173cc engine starts at the turn of a key and allows you to collect or mulch the clippings or discharge them to the side or rear.

Lawnflite 21 SPW ES lawnmower
Electric start: Lawnflite 21 SPW ES lawnmower

It has an steel cutting deck and aluminium gear box and extra-large rear drive wheels making it easy to turn and handle uneven ground.

The cutting width is 52.5 cm so it can handle medium to larger lawns up to 1800m2 in its stride.

There are eight cutting heights from 25mm to 65mm and it has a 60-litre grass box with an indicator to show when it is full.

It costs £299, £200 under the recommended price and has a two-year warranty with free next working day delivery.

If you want a lawn with stripes then this one has to be a consideration, the Lawnflite 20SPR Self-Propelled Petrol Rear-Roller Lawnmower.

The rear roller provides the striped finish but also lets you mow right up to the edges without the threat of it toppling into the flower bed.

Lawnflte 20 lawnmower
Striped finish: Lawnflite 20SPR Lawnmower

It is powered by a 173cc engine and has a 60-litre grass box and seven cutting heights from 17mm to 75mm.

The grass box has an indicator to show when it is full.

This one has a cutting width of 50cm making it suitable for lawns up to 1200m2.

It costs £349, saving you £150 on the recommended price and has a two-year warranty with free next working day delivery.

Lawns will only grow well if they can breathe and feed and this best-seller will keep them looking good throughout the year.

The Einhell GC-SC 2240P Petrol Lawn Scarifier, one of our highly rated ‘Gardening Superstars’, has 18 steel blades which tease out dead grass and flat-growing weeds as they revolve allowing moisture and nutrients to reach the roots.

Einhell Scarifier
Tease out the debris: Einhell GC-SC 2240 Petrol Scarifier

Lawns should be scarified every four to six weeks but if you have not scarified for a long period you will be amazed at the amount of rubbish brought to the surface.

Don’t be too alarmed if your lawn looks like a ploughed field after treatment, it will very quickly grow again with none of the choking weeds or dead stuff to inhibit it.

The blades are drive by a 118cc Einhell engine and it has a 45-litre catcher for the rubbish, but leave this off if you’ve not scarified for a while and rake up the debris.

It has six working heights, wide-tread wheels and folding handlebars to make storage easier.

This has been a best seller for a long time with comments like “Excellent scarifier“, “Fantastic price for what you get” and “excellent product, superb value” reviews of the machine from previous customers can be seen here.

It costs £279.95, a huge saving of £220  and we deliver it completely FREE the next working day with a two-year warranty.

Neat lawn edges are essential to the appearance of your lawn and these used to be a pain – remember crawling along on hands and knees with a pair of garden sheers.

This little bargain machine, the Einhell GC-PT 2538 IAS Petrol Grass Trimmer takes all the hassle away.

Einhell grass trimmer
Great bargain; Einhell GC-PT grass trimmer

With its nylon line trimming head it lets you cut grass right up to wall and shed edges as well and is powered by a 25.4c engine.

It has a full crank to give a longer life and reliability and has a shoulder strap to make it more comfortable to use. And to feed out more line you only need to bump the head on the ground.

The shaft splits to make it easier to store and transport and it costs just £79.97, £50 off the recommended price. Delivery is free the next working day and it has a two-year warranty.

The next one is from the same German engineering company and is the made for rougher overgrown areas where brambles seem to be taking over at the moment.

And it has some useful free safety kit included.

The Einhell GE-BC 33 AS Low-Vibration Brushcutter has triple rubber shock-absorbers and a padded shoulder harness to make it more comfortable to work for longer periods.

The power is from a 32.6cc engine, an easy starter with an automatic choke and it has a cutting blade with three teeth to cut through beds of thicker weeds and those wretched brambles.

Einhel;l GE-BC 33 AS brushcutter
Comfortable to use: Einhell GE-BC 33 AS low vibration brushcutter

It also has a strimming head for the lighter areas near walls and sheds and there is also a free safety kit of face guard and ear defenders and work gloves as well as a free fuel mixing bottle.

Plus there is a special price on spare strimming line.

Worked straight away, very pleased, said a recent customer. Other reviews are here.

It costs £149.95, saving a massive £200 on the recommended price, has a two-year warranty and free next working day delivery.

The odd leaves are starting to tumble, a sure sign that summer’s on the way out and this neat and light little device will soon come into its own.

The Redback E435CQ-2Ah Cordless Leaf-Blower is the easy way to clear fallen leaves from lawns and drives, patios and paths and has Redback’s own 40V battery using cells from a leading Japanese producer.

Redback Cordless Leaf Blower
Redback Cordless Leaf Blower

These lithium-ion batteries give long run times and are faster to charge than old-fashioned ones and this blower has four speed settings so you can vary the power according to the thickness of the leaves, and we all know how stubborn trodden wet leaves can be to shift.

It weighs only 2.5kg excluding the battery and is very quiet compared with petrol-powered ones.

The package includes battery and charger and a belt to hold the battery and costs only £149 compared with the recommended price of £306. Delivery the next working day is free and there is a three-year warranty.

And as winter sets in this next machine from the same company will help keep the home fire burning.

Light and powerful: Redback Cordless Chainsaw

The Redback E216CQ-6Ah Cordless Chainsaw like all the other equipment in the company’s range was developed in partnership with MowDirect and has a 40V, 6Ah battery to provide cutting power to rival petrol saws.

An ideal little lightweight machine to prepare logs for the fire it has a 40cm guide bar and a battery run tie of 70 minutes.

Chain lubrication is automatic and it has a fast-acting inertia chain brake. The chain and bar are from industry leaders Oregon.

The recommended price is £536 but we have it for sale for £249 to include the battery and charger and a power belt to hold the battery.

There is a three-year warranty and free next working day delivery.

And the third product from the same company is this one, the Redback E312DQ-2Ah Cordless Grass-Trimmer.

Complete with battery, charger and a power belt for the battery it provides a simple way to keep lawn edges and those difficult bits near walls and paths in trim.

Redback cordless grass trimmer
Light and easy: Redback Cordless grass trimmer

It has a cutting head which tilts and pivots to help get into those awkward corners and cracks and has an aluminium shaft which is adjustable according to the user’s height.

It is a very well balanced machine to make it more comfortable to use for long periods and has a plant protector so you can cut right up the flowers with decapitating them.

A bump feed head makes it easy to feed out more line when needed.

It costs £149, a considerable reduction on the £276 recommended price and has a three-year warranty with free next working day delivery.

And finally a German lawn tractor which is a real bargain as the price includes a free steel trailer and a free brush cutter as well as a tow hitch.

The Al-Ko T16-92HD Special Edition Lawn Tractor is made for lawns around 6000m2, has a 92cm cutting deck and is powered by a Briggs & Stratton 656cc twin-cylinder engine.

It has a Hi-Lift blade to produce strong air currents under the cutting deck and assist with the collection of the cut grass when damp, especially useful at the moment.

Al-Ko T16-92HDH lawn tractor
Twin cylinder engine: Al-Ko T16-92HD lawn tractor

It has six cutting heights from 30mm to 90mm and a grass box which holds 220 litres, and this can be emptied from the driver’s seat. Small wheels on the cutting deck mean it can follow the contours of the lawn without scalping it.

With its hydrostatic transmission it drivers much like an automatic car and is very comfortable to use with a high-backed seat.

Excellent Tool”and “Very Impressed” are a couple of comments from recent customers.

It costs £2299, £400 under the recommended price and that includes the free trailer and brushcutter and tow bar.

Our Premium Delivery means  it comes assembled, tested, tuned and cleaned, and, for a limited period you can get it the on the NEXT WORKING DAY OR A SATURDAY (ORDER BY 3PM FRIDAY) TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE! There is a five-year warranty.

These are just ten of the great deals we have put together for you – see the rest on these pages.

We have the biggest selection of on-line garden machinery in the country and you can see our full list here.

But if you’re not certain which is the right machine for your needs please ring us on 020 3697 9432.

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