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Lawnflite are one of the UK's most popular makes of ride-on tractor and MowDIRECT have been the UK's leading supplier of these products for over ten years! Current offers include an exclusive bundle deal on the Lawnflite RF125 tractor which comes with a Free Protective Cover and 40" Dethatcher which together are worth £148! Check out also our new low price on the the Lawnflite 603 - the UK's best selling tractor over the past 30 years - as well as price reductions on the ever-popular Lawnflite 703 and the high performance Lawnflite 903.

Lawnflite Lawn Tractors

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  1. Lawnflite RF125 Lawn & Garden Tractor

    Lawnflite RF125 Lawn & Garden Tractor

    With its Transmatic Shift-on-the-Go drive; 96cm working-width; and very high-volume grass-catcher; the Lawnflite RF125 should be seriously considered by anyone wanting to mow an expansive lawn as quickly as possible. It offers side-discharge as standard (with bagging and mulching optional), so will cope easily with very long grass; and it has an amazingly tight turning-radius for such a substantial machine, meaning those awkward end-of-pass turns will prove hassle-free. Power comes from an ultra-reliable Briggs & Stratton engine with a capacious 3.8-litre fuel-tank for reduced down-time.

    More Info On The Lawnflite RF125 Lawn & Garden Tractor

    R.R.P: £1,499.00  


    £1,099.00 (inc. VAT)
  2. Lawnflite 603 RT Lawn Tractor

    Lawnflite 603 RT Lawn Tractor

    The Lawnflite 603 is the best selling ride-on tractor in the UK! It features the Lawnflite single blade 'Direct Collect' system for the best cut in all conditions available! The large turbo fan assistor, coupled with the heavy duty 76cm cutter blade, physically throws and blows cuttings, leaves and other debris direct into the large capacity collector. The shift-on-the go transmission, with 7 forward and 7 reverse gears, is unique to Lawnflite: there's no stopping and starting between gear changes so operation is much smoother than other machines. If desired, the grass catcher can easily be detached for cutting in extreme conditions using the integral rear ejector chute and storage is made that much more convenient. The Lawnflite 603 Lawn Tractor also features a powerful and extremely reliable Briggs & Stratton 12.5hp engine.

    More Info On The Lawnflite 603 RT Lawn Tractor

    R.R.P: £1,669.00  


    £1,499.00 (inc. VAT)
  3. Lawnflite 703 RT Lawn Tractor

    Lawnflite 703 RT Lawn Tractor

    A model of real distinction, the new Lawnflite 703 RT has classic design appeal with its red metal livery and stylish looks. One of the best specification ride-on tractors in its class, this model has an ever reliable Briggs & Stratton 13.5hp engine and large 92cm cutting width. It offers unrivalled performance in British grass conditions, collecting in both wet and dry conditions, and has a number of features that are unique to Lawnflite including Transmatic Drive and a Fast Attach collector. An industry leading 46cm turning circle makes the Lawnflite 703 RT Lawn Tractor incredibly easy to manoeuvre and the optional Mulch Kit and Deflector provide 3-in-1 capability.

    More Info On The Lawnflite 703 RT Lawn Tractor

    R.R.P: £1,899.00  


    £1,499.00 (inc. VAT)
  4. Lawnflite LG165H Lawn & Garden Tractor

    Lawnflite LG165H Lawn & Garden Tractor

    From MTD’s Optima range, the Lawnflite LG165H offers all the manoeuvrability of a compact ride-on, but with the higher-productivity rate provided by a larger cutting-width (107cm). It’s equipped with a 500cc Briggs engine, so powerful performance and a long-service life are guaranteed; and it features a hydrostatic drive that will give you smooth, car-like control over the ground-speed. Despite its expansive cutting-width, this model retains an impressively tight 46cm turning-circle. It’s a three-in-one machine, so there’s a cutting-option for any conditions you might encounter; and it has a floating cutter-deck that ensures uneven ground won’t lead to missed patches.

    More Info On The Lawnflite LG165H Lawn & Garden Tractor

    R.R.P: £1,999.00  


    £1,799.00 (inc. VAT)
  5. Lawnflite 903 RT Lawn Tractor

    Lawnflite 903 RT Lawn Tractor

    Offering an extra-wide 105cm cut, the Lawnflite 903 RT Lawn Tractor will greatly reduce mowing times on lawns and gardens up to around 3 acres (12000 sq. m) in size. It has a stylish new design that really sets it apart from the crowd and is equipped with all the great features – Direct Collection, Transmatic Drive, Fast Attach – that have helped to make Lawnflite the UK’s best selling lawn and garden tractors. This model comes powered by a 15.5hp Briggs & Stratton engine and has a large-sized 240 litre collector that really packs the grass in. An optional Mulch Kit and Deflector are available providing the 3-in-1 capability of tackling rough grass areas and collection-free lawn maintenance.

    More Info On The Lawnflite 903 RT Lawn Tractor

    R.R.P: £2,199.00  


    £1,999.00 (inc. VAT)
  6. Lawnflite 703 LH Lawn & Garden Tractor

    Lawnflite 703 LH Lawn & Garden Tractor

    Key amongst the high-spec features on the Lawnflite 703 LH is its hydrostatic drive. This allows the both ground-speed and the forward/reverse selector to be controlled from a single foot-pedal, greatly enhancing control and manoeuvrability. Offering a 92cm cut, this mid-range lawn-tractor is perfect for lawns up to 8000m2. Its 15.5hp Briggs & Stratton engine with key-type ignition will prove incredibly reliable will give no starting headaches; while its very high-volume 240-litre collector helps to reduce downtime caused by stops and can be emptied without leaving the driver’s seat. The Lawnflite 703 LH employs twin counter-rotating blades, the airflow from which forces grass-cuttings straight into collector with no clumping; in turn ensuring highly-efficient damp-weather collection. Another stand-out feature is Lawnflite’s ‘Fast Attach’ system, which allows the cutter-deck, collector, front bumper and other accessories to be speedily removed without tools. An adjustable high-back seat ensures comfortable, fatigue-free mowing; and an extra-tight turning circle (46cm) means awkward corners and obstacles can be negotiated with ease.

    More Info On The Lawnflite 703 LH Lawn & Garden Tractor

    R.R.P: £2,349.00  


    £2,099.00 (inc. VAT)
  7. 908LH Tractor - Main View

    Lawnflite 908LH Lawn & Garden Tractor

    Whether you’re looking to tow heavy attachments, or are maintaining a substantial paddock or lawn, the 18.5hp Lawnflite 908LH offers the power and build-quality to get the job done. It has a single-foot-pedal controlled hydrostatic drive (forward and reverse), so manoeuvring in space restricted areas couldn’t be easier; and it’s fitted with a high-vacuum cutter-deck that ensures outstanding damp-weather collection; and which will pick-up all manner of debris from your lawn surface - not just grass. This impressively powerful garden tractor is driven by a high-performance overhead-valve engine from U.S. market-leaders Briggs & Stratton. It’s supplied with a high-capacity 240-litre collector, which you can empty from the comfort of the driver’s seat; and it features an expansive height-of-cut range (30-95mm), so smart lawns and rough-grass areas can be tackled with equal effectiveness. A mulch-kit and rear-deflector are available separately.

    More Info On The Lawnflite 908LH Lawn & Garden Tractor

    R.R.P: £2,649.00  


    £2,399.00 (inc. VAT)

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