Petrol Hedgecutters

Petrol hedgecutters & hedgetrimmers have the widest range of applications and can be used for light work, such as trimming and shaping, as well as for tackling thick growth. They're more powerful than their mains-powered equivalents, thereby enabling you to achieve a faster work-rate; and they come with heavier-duty blades for superior durability. The other main advantage of petrol hedgecutters & hedgetrimmers is that they provide greater freedom, as there's no power-cord to get in your way or tie you down. Below you'll find our unbeatable choice of petrol hedgecutter & hedgetrimmer brands, with all the leading makes available to choose from. We offer Free, Fast Delivery to the UK mainland and unbeatable online prices!

Have a look at our Best Buys

Have a look at our Best Buys

The best selection of Petrol Hedgecutters, carefully selected to suit all needs, at the best prices - all in one place.

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Have a look at our Best Buys
Blade Length
  1. 41-60 cm (14)
  2. 61-80 cm (17)
  3. 81-100 cm (1)
Build Quality
  1. Homeowner (2)
  2. Homeowner + (6)
  3. Premium (10)
  4. Professional (14)
  1. £100 - £200 (6)
  2. £200 - £300 (8)
  3. £300 - £400 (7)
  4. £400 - £500 (7)
  5. £500 - £600 (4)
Best Sellers

Mountfield MHJ2424 Double-Bladed Petrol Hedgetrimmer (61cm Blade) (Special Offer)

R.R.P: £179.00  

MowDirect Price Only

  • Double-sided, dual reciprocating blades for a fast work-rate
  • Powerful, reliable and easy-starting two-stroke engine
  • 28mm tooth-gap makes it possible to tackle thick, woody growth

Einhell GE-PH 2555-A Petrol Hedgetrimmer with Twist Handle

MowDirect Price Only

  • 180° adjustable rear-handle for low-effort trimming at any angle
  • Full-crank 2-stoke engine for reliability
  • Primer and electronic-ignition for easy starting

MTD GHT6028 Petrol Hedgetrimmer

R.R.P: £229.00  

MowDirect Price Only

  • A top-quality domestic-use hedgetrimmer for fast, low-effort topiary tasks
  • Powerful and ultra-reliable two-stroke engine from MTD themselves
  • Double-sided diamond-ground blades for a rapid work-rate and a clean cut

Tanaka TCH22E-AP2 (50) Petrol Hedgetrimmer (Special Offer)

R.R.P: £289.00  

MowDirect Price Only

  • A superior petrol hedgetrimmer for domestic and lighter-duty commercial use
  • PureFire engine delivers a cut in emissions without compromising power-output
  • S-Start technology for smooth, low-effort pull starts

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