Electric Four-Wheel Rotary Lawn Mowers

Electric mowers with four wheels come in all shapes and sizes and offer great versatility for anyone seeking to maintain a small-medium sized lawn or garden. They are hassle-free, easy to use and light in weight for greater manoeuvrability. We sell all the top brands of four wheel electric lawn mowers including Bosch, Flymo, Al-Ko and Mountfield. Our low prices make them an extremely economical option and as with all our electric lawn mowers, these models come with Free Delivery next working day to any address on the UK mainland. If you want to create a striped finish on your lawn, we also sell an extensive range of rear-roller electric lawn mowers.

Have a look at our Best Buys

Have a look at our Best Buys

The best selection of Electric Four-Wheel Rotary Lawn Mowers, carefully selected to suit all needs, at the best prices - all in one place.

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Have a look at our Best Buys
Lawn Size
  1. 150m2 (5)
  2. 250m2 (2)
  3. 350m2 (3)
  4. 450m2 (1)
  5. 550m2 (1)
Cutting Width
  1. 32cm & Under (2)
  2. 33-34cm (3)
  3. 37-38cm (4)
  4. 39-40cm (3)
  5. 41-42cm (1)
  1. £100 - £150 (4)
  2. £150 - £200 (3)
  3. £200 - £250 (2)
  4. £250 - £300 (1)
  5. £300 - £350 (1)
  6. £350 - £400 (2)
Best Sellers

WOLF-Garten Expert 40EA Self-Propelled Electric Lawn Mower

MowDirect Price Only

  • Self-propelled drive for effortless mowing
  • Powerful induction motor offering long term reliability
  • Wide cut for larger lawns and gardens

Mountfield Princess 34 Electric 4-Wheel Roller Lawnmower

MowDirect Price Only

  • Efficient and quiet, brushless induction motor
  • Single point, lever controlled, cutting height adjustment
  • Safety release brake

Free Delivery to the UK Mainland

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