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We supply all the leading brands of Cultivators, Tillers & Rotavators including popular makes such MTD, Ardisam, Al-Ko and Mantis. In fact, with over 50 models to choose from, MowDirect offers the widest selection and best choice of garden cultivators in the UK! For the budget conscious we have brands such as Einhell and Handy who both have some really good value for money rotavators in their range. If you're looking to invest in garden cultivator for lifetime use, check out our classic range of Merry Tillers with their rugged designs and hard wearing build. We also cater for the premium end of the rotavator market with our range of Honda tillers which includes models for both domestic and professional use.

Cultivators, Tillers & Rotavators

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  1. Electric Tillers

    Electric Tillers

    These electric-powered garden tillers are ideal for weeding and cultivating small-sized vegetable plots.

  2. Micro Tillers

    Micro Tillers

    These petrol-powered Micro Tillers are lightweight and powerful. They're ideal for more demanding tilling work on small areas.

  3. Mini Tillers

    Mini Tillers

    Our range of petrol-powered Mini Tillers are designed for small-medium sized vegetable plots and represent great value for money.

  4. Front Tine Tillers

    Front Tine Tillers

    These front tine tillers are ideal for medium-large vegetable gardens and come with a wide choice of working widths.

  5. Rear Tine Tillers

    Rear Tine Tillers

    These tillers have tines to the rear of the drive wheels enabling them to tackle even virgin ground.

  6. Al-Ko Cultivators

    Al-Ko Cultivators

    Reliable petrol cultivators with solid designs from German brand leaders ALKO!

  7. MTD Cultivators & Tillers

    MTD Cultivators & Tillers

    Superior quality cultivators & tillers from MTD!

  8. Bertolini Cultivators & Tillers

    Bertolini Cultivators & Tillers

    Superior engineered cultivators at value-for-money prices!

  9. Earthquake Badger Rototiller

    Earthquake Badger Rototiller

    The lowest price front-tine tiller in its class!

  10. Einhell Cultivators & Tillers

    Einhell Cultivators & Tillers

    Our cheapest priced petrol & electric powered cultivators here!

  11. Mountfield Cultivators

    Mountfield Cultivators

    Classic brand name cultivators from Mountfield!

  12. Cobra Cultivators

    Cobra Cultivators

    Briggs & Stratton-powered petrol cultivators from British brand Cobra.

  13. Apache Cultivators & Tillers

    Apache Cultivators & Tillers

    Great value cultivators and tillers from Apache with a range of attachments!

  14. Ardisam Earthquake 3-in-1 Tillers/Cultivators

    Ardisam Earthquake 3-in-1 Tillers/Cultivators

    Mini Tillers from Ardisam Earthquake.

  15. Dormak Garden Cultivators

    Dormak Garden Cultivators

    The Dormak range of garden cultivators offer a heavy-duty option for allotment societies and jobbing gardeners.

  16. Mantis Tillers/Cultivators

    Mantis Tillers/Cultivators

    The World Famous Mantis Tiller/Cultivator plus attachments!

  17. WOLF-Garten Cultivators & Tillers

    WOLF-Garten Cultivators & Tillers

    German-engineered cultivators & tillers from WOLF-Garten.

  18. Handy & Mowerland Garden Tillers

    Handy & Mowerland Garden Tillers

    Low price electric & petrol tillers designed to take the hard work out of all your digging chores!

  19. Honda Tillers

    Honda Tillers

    Wide range of premium brand tillers from Honda!

  20. Husqvarna Tillers

    Husqvarna Tillers

    Great value professional rear-tine tiller from Husqvarna!

  21. Masport Tillers/Cultivators

    Masport Tillers/Cultivators

    Unique 4-in-1 garden cultivator from Masport!

  22. McCulloch Tillers & Cultivators

    McCulloch Tillers & Cultivators

    Quality petrol cultivators for heavy-duty work.

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