Turn winter debris into a valuable garden mulch

The gales have left gardens looking pretty grim with loads of branches, trees in some cases, and twigs everywhere.

And with more strong winds likely soon these two pieces of kit will help in the big clean-up.

If you want a powerful chainsaw, the sort used by farmers and professional gardeners, this one ticks all the boxes.

oleo-mac gs 650 chainsaw
Big feller: Oleo-Mac GS-650 chainsaw

From a top Italian manufacturer, the Oleo-Mac GS-650 Professional Petrol Chainsaw has a 51cm guide bar and a beefy 63.3cc engine with an excellent air filter to keep the debris from the working parts and with a decompression valve to make it easier to start.

It also has an extensive vibration damping system to make it comfortable to use for long periods and a large fuel tank.

The tension adjustments are at the side and there is a lever combining start, stop and choke controls.

The chain oil is automatic and adjustable and the chain brake is inertia operated, should you experience kick back.

This machine is exclusive to MowDirect and costs £499, a full £200 off the recommended price.

And you also receive a free spare chain worth £35 and FREE oil.

Delivery the next working day is FREE

If you want to dispose of all the twigs and small branches then a chipper-shredder is the answer.

For heavy domestic use the DR PREMIER 9.5 Petrol Chipper-Shredder – Recoil Start (DRVT50) will produce excellent results taking small branches and twigs and converting them to a useful garden mulch in seconds.

It works by employing eight swinging hammers to pulverise the debris to a fine mulch that can be dug in to garden beds and shrubberies or used around the roots to protect plants from severe weather.

DR Premier Chipper Shredder
Chips with everything: DR Premier Chipper Shredder

And if carted to the compost heap it will rot down very quickly.

The chipping part of the machine will reduce branches up to 7.5cm cm in diameter to wood chips instantly and will stay sharp for long periods.

The power is from a Briggs & Stratton 208cc engine with a governor to introduce extra power when the load on the engine dictates.

The machine weighs 57kg and there is a handle so it can be positioned easily.

A 90-litre debris collector makes it easy to deal with the process debris.

A powerful machine, relatively quiet as these things go, chomps through garden clippings without any problem,’ said one customer.

The machine costs £999, £200 off the recommended price, includes FREE oil and we deliver it FREE within two to three working days with a two-year warranty.

The same company also makes larger, professional machines with the DR PRO-XL 21.0 Petrol Chipper – Electric Start (DRVT57) being the top of the range.

This deal with branches up to 14.6cm in diameter and is powered by a 420cc Briggs & Stratton engine with an electric starter.

It has a self-feed system and an extra wide hopper opening and is made for towing with large pneumatic tyres and can handle rough tracks and lanes.

This one costs £4299, £200 off the recommended price and is delivered FREE, with FREE oil, within two to three working days again with a two-year warranty.

See these pages for the full list of DR chipper-shredders and have a look here for our full selection of these machines.


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