Lawnflite mowers to give you that perfect striped finish to your lawn

Peer over garden fences and the one thing that sets one property off from another is a neatly trimmed lawn.

And the lawn which has neat stripes announces to the world that here lives a family with standards.

You only get decent stripes with a mower with a rear roller. Others will leave stripes where the mower has passed but these fade within a day or two.

Lawnflite 18spr rear roller lawnmower
Stripes: Lawnflite 18SPR rear roller lawnmower

So if you want a lawn which stands out from the crowd, these models from Lawnflite will give great results.

For a lawn up to around 800m2 this one will do the trick, the Lawnflite 18SPR Self-Propelled Petrol Rear-Roller Lawnmower.

With an 18in cutting width it has a 135cc engine and cutting heights from 17mm to 75mm with seven settings. In general, rear roller mowers can cut far shorter than traditional rotary ones.

A 60-litre box will collect the clippings and this has an indicator to show when it is full.

Overall an excellent mower with 7 cut levels. You don’t even get this on more expensive mowers.” That’s according to a recent purchaser. Other reviews are here.

New and exclusive to MowDirect it costs £299, £100 off the recommended price and it has a two-year warranty and comes with FREE oil.

If you have a larger lawn, say around 1200m2 this may well be the mower you need, the

Lawnflite 20SPR Self-Propelled Petrol Rear-Roller Lawnmower.

This has a larger 173cc engine and a cutting width of 50cm and cuts right down to 17mm.

The grass box has an indicator to show when it is full and like the previous model has a steel cutting deck to give it a long life and strength.

Again, new and exclusive, it costs £399, £100 off the recommended price and is delivered free the next working day with FREE oil and a two-year warranty.

Lawnflte 20SPR-ES lawnmower
Electric start: Lawnflite 20SPR-ES lawnmower

And similar to the one above is the Lawnflite 20SPR-ES Self-Propelled Petrol Rear-Roller Lawnmower with Electric Start.

No tugging on a start cord with this one, just turn the key and away you go.

This one is priced at £499, £100 below the price recommended and is delivered FREE the next working day with a two-year warranty and FREE oil.

If you are a professional gardener you might like to have a look at these mowers made with you in mind with shaft-driven power transmission and all the many features professionals require.

You can find a really large selection of mowers on these pages and remember you can give us a ring on 03454 588905 if you would like our advice before buying.

Great advice and excellent delivery/ customer service.” STEVEN





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