Do I Need A Ride-on Lawn Mower? And Why Should I Buy One From MowDirect?

Does size matter? Well, it’s a sad fact but sometimes a hand-propelled, or even a self-propelled walk-behind lawn mower just isn’t enough. It’s all a matter of lawn size, garden size, you name it.

So. Do you need a ride-on mower? Well if your garden is the size of the average dinner plate, then probably not right now, unless you are planning a charity ride from Lands End to John O’Groats on a Rear-Discharge Mountfield, but If you have a large garden, large lawn, extensive grounds or perhaps a few lawns spread apart, you may well find a ride-on lawn mower is going to save time, effort and get the job done faster and more efficiently.

Mountfield 827M compact lawn rider
Small but perfectly popular: Mountfield 827M compact lawn rider

Of course, Ride-on lawn Mowers come in all different shapes and sizes so I’ll try to show you a few examples of what I mean.

Compact Ride-Ons

If you have a lawn of around half an acre, a compact ride-on is definitely going to be worth thinking about. This is the kind of ride-on that will have a rear engine, happily fit through a standard gate and will typically have a cutting deck of around 66cm up to 77cm in width with a single-blade deck.  A good example of one of these would be the Mountfield 827M Compact Lawn Rider. You can see what customers think of it here

As our detailed product write-up says, it is designed with narrow gateways and pathways in mind and has a good but compact 66cm cutting width with built-in versatility from a six-stage cutting-height, adjustable from 30 to 80mm.

Lawn Tractors and Garden Tractors

If your lawns are more like 2 acres, (the size of an average football pitch) it would be worth looking at something a little larger, with a double cutting deck using contra-rotating blades for a wider cut and more power. This will probably be a lawn or garden tractor rather than a compact machine.

This will have wider cutting widths and will be designed with working flexibility built in, a tow-hitch for example for towing scarifiers aerators, rollers or a trailer. This gives you year-round value from your ride-on.

There are a variety of different types of lawn or garden tractor, some have gears. some have hydrostatic drives for smoother speed control.

A classic example of a great, all-round lawn tractor would have to be the Mountfield 1530M Lawn Tractor, one of our best selling ‘superstars’ and incredibly popular

Best Seller, Great Cutter: Mountfield 1530M Lawn Tractor

amongst our customers. With an 84-centimetre cutting width, large capacity grass collecting bag, easy to reach and operate controls, a deck washing system and even a cup holder, this comfortable to ride and simple ‘does-what-it-says’ red machine prompts such comments as…

Mountfield 1530M – “Excellent bit of kit. Saved me hours in mowing. Easy to use. Came all assembled just had to hook up the grass collecting bag add some petrol and away I went. Should have bought a sit on years ago. Now have more time to sit in the garden and read my book.”

Which is as good a reason as any to buy a ride-on.

Zero-Turn Ride-on Mowers

ZS3200s time cutter
Star Turn: Toro ZS3200S time cutter

If your grounds extend to more or much more than 2 acres, you might well look to a zero-turn ride-on mower – which has a 360° turning circle so you can cover the whole lawn in one go, with no going back to ‘fix’ the corner where you turned. Machines such as the very popular and well-featured Toro ZS3200S Timecutter Zero-Turn Ride-On Mower which is exceptionally well-built and fitted with an 82-centimetre deck optimised for a superior finish.

Zero-turn ride-on mowers are becoming more popular at the moment and will definitely save you a lot of time cutting as well as enabling you to manoeuvre easily around beds, garden furniture, trees, bushes and even statues.

Front Cut Ride-ons

Out Front: Stiga Park 220 ride-on lawn tractor

Alternatively, you might want to look at an out front deck machine which will have a much wider deck enabling far greater coverage. A great example of a Ride-on mower with a front cutting deck would be the Stiga Park 220 with its comfortable seat, excellent turning circle and out front floating deck that will avoid scalping the lawn.

This style of Ride-on mower is ideal for lawns that have overhanging tree branches, bushes and even garden benches and you can mow right up to the lawn’s extremities. They also offer great visibility whilst cutting and recycle the grass clippings by mulching them 9cutting them very fine and dropping them back into the grass to break down and fertilise it, leading to a greener, healthier lawn.

And why should you buy a ride-on from MowDirect? Well, put quite simply there is not a supplier of ride-on lawn mowers in the UK who possesses more knowledge about, or sells more ride-ons than MowDirect.. the largest supplier of Ride-On Lawn Mowers in the country. Fact.

MowDirect offers a varied and wide-ranging selection, with a choice of nearly 100 models. The range covers smaller rear-engine ride-ons that will fit perfectly through your average garden gate to larger heavy-duty Garden Tractors that can handle very large areas of five acres or even more.

Plus, we offer a fantastic Premium Delivery Service on every ride-on mower sold. This means every machine gets a full PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) a full test of all controls and mechanisms, a fine tune of the engine to ensure it is running at full efficiency and a clean and polish of the ride-on so it arrives gleaming and clean and delivered ready to mow. All of this service is totally FREE. 

As one of our customers recently said about us, having purchased a Mountfield 1530M…

Would definitely recommend this company if you are thinking of buying one. I can personally vouch for the great reviews you see on here.”

And you can’t say fairer than that! If you want more facts and figures about ride-on mowers, you will find many helpful articles by visiting MowHow, our vast virtual library of garden machinery knowledge. 

And if you are now thinking of getting into ride-on mowing, we are definitely the people to talk to. Just visit the site and look at our extensive range of ride-on mowers, where you will find images, amazing price deals and detailed product reviews, specifications  and feature lists for every single machine, or call us for advice on 0345 4588 905  (9-5pm Mon-Fri and 10-4pm Sat)

As another customer said recently…

“Excellent Service and Product. We sent some pictures of our land and Jason (in the MowDirect office) helped us pick the most suitable machine. We couldn’t be happier with either the service or the product…we are delighted that we bought from MowDirect and would not hesitate to use them again.”

Wow! Enjoy your garden.     Drew Hardy

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