How To Get The Perfect Striped Lawn

From golf courses to suburban gardens, local bowling greens to country estates, the smart, crisp striped lawn is a British icon, both cultural and horticultural, almost entirely peculiar to these shores but admired and revered by lawn enthusiasts everywhere.

But just how do you achieve the perfect striped lawn? Market-leading manufacturer Hayter has decades of experience in this and their experienced people can tell you more than most, so they’ve produced a great little video to show you just what to do to get that smart crisp stripy look.

Hayter Harrier 41 petrol autodrive lawnmower
Roll with it. British made: Hayter Spirit 41 petrol autodrive lawnmower

The main thing is to use a good, rear roller mower, just like the much loved Hayter Spirit 41 Petrol Autodrive Rear-Roller Lawnmower. Designed, engineered, tested and manufactured in the UK, its rear-roller presses the grass blades down and, when you come back in the other direction, creating parallel mowing lines, presses the grass down in the other direction.

And why does that create stripes? It is a relatively simple optical trick. It is the difference in the way the light hits the grass blades that creates the effect. When the blades are pointing towards you, you are looking at the thin tips of the grass and the shadows below created by the bent blades, whereas the blades that are bent away from you are reflecting more light on the broad part of the blade and with no shadow.

So. Use a good rear-roller mower and keep those lines straight and you are away. Regular cutting is also essential and just as important is cutting your grass often but not cutting too low so you get the full effect from the blades.

Although many people like to mulch, (re-cutting the grass blades to very small particles and then dropping them back into the lawn to break down)  just leaving your grass cuttings on the lawn when you are going for the striped look is  not a good idea, can create yellow patches and cause problems so collecting and putting them in your compost heap is probably the best path to follow.

Allett classic 14L mower
Perfect finish: Allett Classic 14L petrol cylinder mower

Another way to achieve those iconic stripes is with a good quality cylinder mower like the Allett Classic 14L Petrol

Cylinder Lawn Mower. also with onboard roller and a very fine, assured and smart cut from the forward rotating blade cylinder. Allett cylinder mowers are hand-built in Britain with a very fine reputation for cut and finish, and their professional machines are used by football, tennis and cricket clubs across the length and breadth of Great Britain.

Lawnflite 18spr rear roller lawnmower
Stripes: Lawnflite 18SPR rear roller lawnmower

So from rotary to cylinder and covering all budgets and needs, MowDirect stocks a wide range of rear-roller mowers designed to give you the perfect striped finish on your lawn, from the amazing Lawnflite 18SPR, a Self-Propelled Petrol Rear-Roller Lawnmower for under £300, (pictured left) to the extensive and versatile ranges by Hayter and Allett, and not forgetting leading brand Mountfield, who have created their own quality rear-roller mowers.

In the meantime, watch Hayter’s informative video and see how easy it is to turn an ordinary lawn into a striped and manicured masterpiece


Thank you Hayter. And after that, if you need any advice on rear-roller mowers or striping your lawn, do call one of our helpful and friendly product advisors on 0345 4588 905 (9am-5pm Mon-Fri & 10am-4pm Sat). They really know their stuff, as our customers are happy to point out…

Excellent Service…both service and advice were excellent, the team’s product knowledge is second to none. I am hugely grateful for the assistance the technical team were able to provide.”

“Fantastic Service… honest and pointed me in the right direction to make sure I got the right tool for the job.”

”MowDirect is a fantastic company! A real pleasure to work with. They are extremely knowledgeable of their entire range” 

Now, get striping and enjoy your garden.     Drew Hardy

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