Oleo-Mac – The Italian For Quality and Value

The name Oleo-Mac is still something of an ‘in-the-know’ secret in the UK gardening machinery world. A secret, by the way that is exclusive to MowDirect in the UK, enabling us to offer large, genuine discounts on all our Oleo-Mac products. But the secret is coming out.

This powerful and proud Italian brand (the leading brand in Italy and a major brand across the continent) is slowly but surely turning heads and winning hearts and minds across the gardens of Great Britain, thanks to our enthusiastic and delighted customers.

Founded in 1972, Oleo-Mac was started by expert and businessman Ariello Bartoli, with the aim of producing good quality petrol powered garden tools. The company’s mission statement was, and still is, to create “Innovative solutions to offer the customer the best possible value.”

This genuinely describes exactly what the chaps and chapesses at Oleo-Mac do. They make machines whose quality defies their price-range. This is one of the reasons they have become so incredibly popular with our customers like this happy G53 owner who say things like…

The chap who bought my old mower on E-bay saw it and thought it was a £600 machine!

It says something that, of our 28 best selling, 4/5* rated Super-Stars, featured on the site at the moment, four of them are made by this resilient, innovative and quality minded company.

Oleo-Mac G 53-TK plus 4 lawn mower
Great power: Oleo-Mac G53-TK All Road plus 4 lawn mower

My esteemed colleague and green fingered marvel Dick in his, as usual excellent, blog yesterday was extolling the virtues of that very machine Oleo-Mac G53-TK AllRoad Plus-4 Self-Propelled Lawn Mower, a huge seller with a star rating of4.5 from 83 reviews, including gems like this…

“Best Mower I Have Ever Had – Lots of Power and Easy to Use”

“Great mower…the best value in its class.”

“…a real workhorse with some serious power behind it…will not find better for the price”

“Top Notch Machine, Outstanding Value”

What a mower, fantastic, really strong quiet engine. Cuts perfectly, and good build quality… Go For It!”

Not bad for a machine that people think costs £600 but is actually is going for £329.95 plus FREE delivery and FREE OIL!

That magic word ‘value’ crops up over and over in Oleo-Mac reviews. There is an air of mystery about this. Are they magicians to be able to make machines like this for the money or are some other machines rather liberally priced? It’s hard to tell.

This enthusiasm is not just for the mower as a whole but for the EMAK engines that power many Oleo-Mac machines. One happy customer said exactly what he thought about it…

My Emak engine is a DELIGHT. Always starts at the hint of FIRST pull. Nice and powerful engine that is a dream even on inclines. Takes the hard work away. I thoroughly recommend this product with the Emak engine. Frugal on petrol too.”

Oleo-Mac MH175RK tiller
Easy digging: Oleo-Mac MH175rk front tine tiller with reverse drive

Here’s another example of Oleo-Mac’s approach to ‘quality for less money’,  a powerful, versatile and easy to use cultivator, the Oleo-Mac MH175RK Front-Tine Tiller with Reverse Drive.

Selling for a modest £399 and 5 star rated, this machine’s recommended price is actually £599 so you make a substantial saving. And, of course, FREE Oil and FREE delivery are also included.

But, again, I’ll let our customers tell you about it…

Quality Product…Great tool well built and easy to assemble, used it today in my garden, starts first time and has a smooth and powerful engine”

Great Machine… absolutely did the job…well built, easy to assemble and very easy to operate…the reverse gear is an excellent addition for getting right up to the ends of the garden without worrying about turning room. The multi positional handle makes it very easy for different operators to control and helps avoid re-compacting freshly tilled heavy soil. Would highly recommend.”

“Fantastic machine…never hiccupped once…very robust bit of kit. Nothing was too much of an issue.”,  “Would recommend it highly.”

“I am very impressed with this machine.”, ” Great Bit Of Kit”…worked like a dream”

See what I mean? Owners are always impressed by the mixture of quality and features for the money.

And finally. Some more  general comments about Oleo-Mac machines from their many fans…

“Excellent build quality and very easy to use and stow away”

“…the second Oleo Mac I have bought this year with my first purchase being a G53, that’s how impressed I am with the company and equipment.”

“Five-star product!”

“Brilliant….wonderful looking machine, strong and robust build.”

“…a very good chainsaw…easy to use, starts very easily… a very lightweight, all-round excellent saw.”

So seriously, can you afford not to check Oleo-Mac out? Join the fans of the orange liveried Lamborghinis of the gardening world and you might just find yourself hooked.   Enjoy your garden.    Drew Hardy.


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