The Party’s Over, the Sale is Nearly Done. What Does 2017 have to Offer? Redback’s Quiet Power!

Happy New Year! Yes I know it’s me again, but to be honest Holly only just crawled, blinking, out of the big candle-lit cave of jollity she has been living in for the past couple of weeks and it might take her a few days, now the pine needles have been vacuumed, the cards recycled and the goose sandwiches finished,  to get serious and think about the year ahead. So I am going to talk about what I think might be a highlight of the coming year.

SAVE while the sale lasts. Redback E216c Cordless Chainsaw

So. 2017? What will it bring? The first thing I should mention is that our fabulous Winter Sale finishes early in 2017 (TOMORROW in fact, the 6th January) so it is absolutely worth hopping on that big sale bus before it hits the terminus and grabbing yourself a last minute bargain like the amazing Redback E216C Cordless Chainsaw which is going for £149.00, a saving of £30.

Actually the Redback could well be one of the big stories in 2017 as cordless technology is improving all the time and becoming more and more popular. MowDirect’s exclusive 40v Redback range is winning friends and fans at a growing pace and the fast charging times and long running times combined with the light weight, low running costs and low noise are even putting smiles on the face of professional gardeners. One of them had this to say  “…has it got enough puff? The answer is a firm yes – as good as anything I have used before”

A blow to petrol? Bruno Enjoys Cordless Power with a Redback Blower

Take a look at his blog and the accompanying film. The blower is only £89, £30 under the previous price. 

In fact the future of cordless power is looking very bright indeed. MowDirect already supply a 40v Lawn mower that has a surprising amount of power and retails just now at £199, a massive saving to you of £50 but the power of these tools is going to keep increasing as the technology improves and means the prospect of a full range of garden tools whose power rivals petrol is here to stay. 80 volt? 140 volt? The sky is the limit and the advantages of this power that is cable-free, quiet, cheap, maintenance free and easy to use are not to be sniffed at.

The beauty of the Redback range is the ‘one battery fits all’ system that is a growing feature of lithium-ion battery powered tools and increases convenience whilst lowering costs. This means that with, for example, two batteries you can have a garden machinery collection that is permanently powered; as the battery powers one tool while you use another. and the short charging times mean that your next tool will probably be ready by the time you finish the last job.

For example. You trim the hedge using one battery, while the other charges, you use that in your chainsaw and trim your trees while the battery you took from the hedgetrimmer gets ready to power the lawn mower. And that’s only if you’ve used all the power because, remember, the power stays stored in the battery indefinitely. Store the tool away for weeks, months and there is no noticeable loss of power. I know this because I own a lithium-ion powered tool myself. I love ’em!

MowDirect’s current range includes a neat little grass trimmer “Good performance and overall ease of use” the afore mentioned blower, chainsaw and lawn mower, plus a fabulous, well-balanced hedgetrimmer and a cordless pole pruner Good build quality, less vibration than petrol models”. 

So don’t forget. 2017 could well be the big year of the cordless garden machine. We’ve got li-ion powered bikes, lawn mowers. Will we have battery powered Garden Tractors? Yup. Believe me they will be coming, and that’s a real game changer. You read it here first. One last message, in case you missed it SALE ENDS TOMORROW the 6th January.  HURRY WHILE DEALS ARE STILL AVAILABLE. And don’t forget to call us on 0345 4588 90 if you need any free, impartial advice.

Now. Step out into the new year, embrace the change and enjoy your garden.    Drew Hardy.

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