We hereby declare the leaf clearing season officially open

Poets and artists may find fluttering leaves in the late autumn sunlight an inspiration. Gardeners may beg to differ.

Matted leaves on paths can be as slippery as ice and when they carpet flower beds and lawns they keep out essential sunlight and moisture.

Clearing them away is one of the more thankless tasks of this time of year but with modern garden machinery it is much easier today than years ago when  a tined rake was the only weapon the gardener had.

Be it a large estate or small garden help is at hand with a wide range of leaf clearing equipment and here we have listed ten top machines for every type of garden.

Redback Cordless Leaf Blower
Quiet, cable-free petrol matching power: Redback Cordless Leaf Blower

The first is new and exclusive to MowDirect and is from a range of machinery we helped develop.

The Redback E435C Cordless Leaf-Blower (Tool Only) is light and easy to use and comparatively quiet compared to petrol leaf blowers.

It relies on the latest lithium-ion batteries to provide a blast of air enough to clear wet leaves from lawns and flower beds with four controls to regulate the power.

The batteries need to be bought separately but are designed to fit a range of different garden machinery from the same manufacturer.

Excluding the battery, it weighs 2.5kg and you can buy a belt to hold the battery which makes it dead easy to use. The air speed produced is 121 mph, enough to deal with most domestic applications.

It costs £89, £30 off the recommended price and has a three-year maker’s warranty. We deliver it free the next working day.

This one from  a leading German manufacturer of garden machinery will both blow the leaves into a  pile and then suck them up and shred them into a collector bag.

Einhell BG-PL garden vac/blower
Great engineering: Einhell BG-PL 26/1 garden vac/blower

The Einhell BG-PL 26/1 Petrol Garden Vacuum / Leaf Blower is a great value machine which lets you switch from blowing to vacuuming at the flick of a lever. And it’s up to 50 per cent cheaper than machines with similar functions.

In shredding mode, leaves and other debris are shredded  to a tenth their volum and packed into a 55-litre collection bag.

In blowing mode it produces a 210 km/h blast of air.

A carrying strap makes it comfortable to use for longer periods and makes it less tiring.

It costs £139.95, £40 off the maker’s recommended price and has a two year warranty.

And we deliver it free the next working day.

Another machine new for this year is the Tanaka TRB-24EAP Hand-Held Petrol Leaf-Blower. Japanese built and designed and producing giving a 76 metres a second air blast.

Tanaka leaf blower
Light and powerful: Tanaka TRB-EA4 leaf blower

To produce this it has a 24cc engine designed to minimise harmful emissions and maximise petro consumption.

The throttle control is very large making it easy to regulate the engine speed and it is a well balanced machine so you can use it for longer periods with tiring. It weighs 3.9kg.

The recommended price is £249, but we have it for sale for £189, £60 off that price.

There is a two-year warranty from Tanaka and we deliver it free the next working day.

The next one is another exclusive product and is on special offer. And it comes from an Italian garden machinery company.

The Oleo-Mac BV270 Pro Leaf-Blower with Free Vac-Kit and has a 30.5cc engine producing a 234 km/h air jet. And it is a well silenced machine so it shouldn’t annoy the neighbours.

The air blast is enough to shift garden debris like pine cones and twigs and it is made with an impellor with four blades to shred the sucked in debris while a smaller fan blows it.

It is supplied with a 36-litre collection bag for collection the shredded debris included in the price – often these are sold as additions.

It costs £219.95, £80 off the recommended price. Delivered free the next working day, it has a five year warranty.

The next one was designed for use by estate owners and professional gardener and local authorities – those who have really large areas to work on.

Tanaka 260-TBF leaf blower
Professional quality: Tanaka THB-260PF leaf blower

The Tanaka THB-260PF Commercial-Grade Handheld Petrol Blower-Vac has a 23.9cc engine designed for a long life and to withstand the sort of abuse which professionals often dish out and produces a 175km/h air current.

Weighing 4.1kg it has an second handle which makes it easier to use in awkward corners and makes it less tiring when undertaking larger areas. It is also fitted with a cruise control.

The recommended price is £368 but we have it on offer for £268. You can buy a vacuum shredder kit for another £69.

Delivery the next working day is free and there is a five year domestic warranty, two years for commercial use.

This leaf blower is slightly different as the engine is held on a frame carried on the back.

And this design is often preferred by commercial gardeners and estate workers as it is made to be used for long periods.

The Oleo-Mac BV162 Backpack Leaf-Blower has a 61.2cc engine and has a 2.3 litre fuel tank to keep you working longer.

It gives a 201 mph air stream enough to shift matted leaves and trodden in debris from footpaths and areas around stadia. It will even shift fallen apples.

Easily controlled with a trigger throttle, it costs £499, a full £100 off the recommended price and has a five year warranty.

We deliver it free the next working day.

Easy to use: Agri-Fab Leaf Sweeper
Easy to use: Agri-Fab Leaf Sweeper

Now here’s a little machine ideal for most domestic lawns and gardens, and is virtually silent when working.

The Agri-Fab 26″ Push Lawn & Leaf Sweeper (45-0218), currently on special offer, has 66cm-wide brushes which turn four and a half times for each revolution of the wheels.

The debris is swept into a 200-litre collector at the back which, when full, is easily detached and can be emptied straight on to the compost heap.

The large wheels have excellent grip and won’t damage the lawn. It weighs 3.5kg.

This sweeper can be used on gravel and concrete oaths as well as lawns and is useful all through the year as it can clean patios and swimming pool surrounds – especially useful after summer parties.

It costs £159, £30 less than the recommended price and is delivered free the next working day. There is a three-year warranty.

This next one is a similar machine and designed to be towed behind a ride-on mower or lawn tractor.

Clean Sweep: Agri-Fab Smart Sweep 44" Towed Leaf Sweeper.
Clean Sweep: Agri-Fab Smart Sweep 44″ Towed Leaf Sweeper.

And it is very effective way of clearing leaves and debris from large lawns.

The Agri-Fab Smart-Sweep 44″ Towed Lawn & Leaf Sweeper (45-0492) again uses the motion of the wheels to turn the sweeping brushes and has a working width of 112cm.

And it has been designed so it doesn’t skip or jump while being towed so that it collects all the debris in its path and no second passes are necessary.

The sweeping height is adjustable; and another handy feature is that you can empty to 710-litre debris collector without leaving the driver’s seat by means of a well-laced lever.

It is attached using a universal hitch-pin making it suitable for virtually any ride-on or lawn tractor.

The price is £369, $30 off the recommended price and we deliver it for free the next working day following your order.

There is a three-year maker’s warranty.

And there next two are the absolute bees knees when it comes to leaf clearing or any other rubbish come to that.

They comes from a leading USA manufacturer and are perfectly suited to the autumn clear-up in British gardens, this first one ideal for areas of around an acre.

Tough worker: Billy Goat KV600.
Tough worker: Billy Goat KV600.

The Billy Goat KV600 Estate Series Lawn Vacuum is light and easy to use and yet incredibly powerful, and can even gobble up discarded drink cans and glass bottles.

So leaves and paper stand no chance.

The engine is a Briggs & Stratton 6hp model and the working width is 68.5cm. The collection bag holds 151 litres.

It weighs 51kg and is fitted with a five-bladed steel impellor to shred down the rubbish.

With an adjustable working height it can work on virtually any surface.

As an optional extra you can buy a hose kit to let you suck up the debris which has accumulated in difficult places like the back of sheds and under hedges.

The machine is priced at £819, £70 off the recommended price and it has a one year warranty. And we deliver it free the next working day.

And finally a machine for really large areas.

Billy Goat MV 650 multi vac
Self-propelled: Billy Goat MV650 Multi Vac

The Billy Goat MV650-SPH Multi Vac Outdoor Vacuum (Self-Propelled) has a 187cc Honda engine and a 151-litre collection bag.

The working width is 68.5cm and with its five-bladed impellor it can deal with all manner of debris including glass and cans and pine cones.

The working width is a little over 73cm and there are three speeds to chose from.

And again there is an optional hose kit for clearing under bushes and fences.

It costs £1899 compared with the recommended price of £2039 and the machine has a one-year warranty. Free delivery takes place the next working day.

With temperatures falling as quickly as the rain it is very easy to put your feet up and ignore the garden in autumn but it needs regular attention.

Otherwise it will not only look scruffy but will take a lot more effort next Spring.

We have a huge selection of leaf clearance equipment on our site, have a look at these pages and if you want any help choosing what is right for you please give us a ring on 08454 588905.




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