Need a summer trim? Powerful Japanese hedgetrimmers on special offer

The lush growth of Spring might have disappeared from hedges, but they still need trimming to keep them looking their best.

An unevenly-cut hedge top makes a garden look scruffy, so if you have trouble keeping a straight top line just use garden string between two stakes driven in at hedge ends and cut to that.

It might take a little time but the hedges will look far better as a result.

Tanaka make excellent garden machinery and they have a comprehensive range of tough hedgetrimmers, all representing excellent value for money.

Tanaka TCH22E-AP2 (50) Petrol Hedgetrimmer, currently on special offer, has a 21.1cc PureFire technology designed to minimise emissions and fuel consumption and is a very easy starter.

Fitted with 50cm double-reciprocating blades it is made with domestic hedges in mind but with 30mm tooth gaps can tackle thicker growth as well.

The handle has a 190 degree Quick-Twist grip so you can cut sides and odd shapes without too much straining.

It also makes it easy for left-handers to use.

It is currently £70 less than  the maker’s recommended price at £219 and is delivered free the next working day with a free safety helmet, visor and ear muffs with £24.95.

It has a five year warranty from Tanaka.

This one is often preferred by commercial gardeners who have large runs of hedges to cut.

Tanaka hedge trimmer
Low emissions: TCH22 EA Tanaka hedge trimmer

Tanaka THT-240 Hedgetrimmer has a single sided blade and at 4.9kg weighs much less than double sided ones.

With a 76cm blade it can cut large areas of hedge with a single sweep and has a 21.1cc engine to give it plenty of power.

The front and rear handles make it easy to control.

It costs £279, £120 off the maker’s recommended price and is delivered free the next working day with a five-year warranty.

And one new for this year is the Top of Form

Tanaka TCH22E-CP2(66) Petrol Hedgetrimmer, designed with commercial gardeners and people with extensive hedging in their garden in mind.

This has 66cm double reciprocating blades and is fitted with anti-vibration springs to make it comfortable to use for longer periods – and it weighs only 5kg.

It has a 21.1cc engine with a forward-facing exhaust to keep fumes away from the user and the engine is started with just a light pull on the starter cord. It also has Tanaka’s Sound Reduction System to keep noise down.

A tooth gap of 35mm means it can cope with quite thick hedge stems and it has a 180 degree rotating handle to make it easier to use on shaped hedging and by left handers.

This really sturdy hedgetrimmer costs £329m £90 less than the recommended price.

We deliver it free the next working day with a five year warranty.

To see our full range of hedgetrimmers, see these pages and for more information call us on 08454 588905.


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