Powerful Japanese brushcutters to cut through the toughest scrub

The whirr of the brushcutter can be heard in many a large garden and estate as thicker weeds and even small saplings are trimmed back.

For serious work like this a powerful machine is needed and here are five from Japanese manufacturer Kawasaki, a company with a reputation for producing serious machines for the keen amateur gardener and the professional.

Kawasaki BK27E brishcutter
Japanese power: Kawasaki BK27E brushcutter

The Kawasaki BK27E Brushcutter has a 27cc engine powering a sharp blade with three cutting teeth capable of dealing with thicker patches of scrub. It also has a nylon strimming head for lawn edges where the line is fed out with a bump feed mechanism.

It weighs 7.2kg and comes with a harness for longer periods of use and has a loop handle.

It costs £279, £40 less than the maker’s recommended price and is delivered free the next working day with a litre of two-stroke oil and a safety helmet with face visor and ear muffs which normally costs £24.95.

There is a two year commercial warranty, five years for domestic use.

Kawasaki BK35ED brushcutter
Tougher tasks: Kawasaki BK35ED brushcutter

A more powerful one made for heavier work, the Kawasaki BK35ED Brushcutter, has a 35hp engine producing 1.4hp and a large diameter drive shaft.

This one has cowhorn-style handlebar which combined with the harness makes cutting large areas of thicker vegetation simpler and less tiring. Like all Kawasaki brushcutters there is an extensive vibration-damping system.

A strimming head is also supplied, as is the free helmet, visor and ear muffs.

This one costs £319, £30 lower than the recommended price, and also has the free litre of two stroke oil, free next working day delivery and a two year professional warranty, five for domestic use.

And the top-of-the-range machine, which is currently on special offer is the Kawasaki KBH53A Brushcutter, a machine to deal with the toughest brush cutting tasks which the professional gardener is likely to encounter.

Kawasaki KBH53A brushcutter
Top of the range: Kawasaki KBH53A brushcutter

This has a 53cc engine and weighs 10.4kg but when used with the double shoulder harness which is supplied can be used for long periods in rough areas with excessive exertion.

It too comes with a line trimming head for lighter work, a helmet, visor and ear muffs and a litre of two-stroke oil.

It costs £569, almost £200 below the recommended price and arrives the next working day delivered free.

It has a five year warranty.

See these pages for a full list of Kawasaki brushcutters and give us a ring on 08454 588905 if you are not sure which is the right one for your needs.



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