Three great leaf blowers to tidy up after the gales

Falling leaves at this time of year are a menace to gardeners. They leave a tidy garden looking neglected and stop moisture getting to the soil if left for any length of time.

So here are three great deals on leaf blower/vacs on machines which are suitable for medium sized to larger gardens.

If you want to see the full selection of leaf clearing machinery available, see these pages on our site.

This first little machine from a German engineering company is a great deal and can be switched from being a leaf blower to a leaf vac at the switch of a lever.

Einhell BG-PL garden vac/blower
German engineering: Einhell BG-PL 26/1 garden vac/blower

The Einhell BG-PL 26/1 Petrol Garden Vacuum / Leaf Blower is on special offer and is fare cheaper than many machines with the dual feature.

It also has an in-built shredding van which will shred the leaves down to a tenth their original volume and make them ready to go straight on to the compost heap from the 55 litre collection bag.

It has a 25.4 cc easy-to-start engine and comes with a carrying strap to make it more comfortable to use over longer periods.

It costs £139.95, has a two year warranty from Einhell and we deliver it free the next working day.

The Oleo-Mac BV270 Pro Leaf-Blower with Free Vac-Kit is on exclusive special offer at the moment and has a free shredder/vac kit worth £40.

Italian made: Oleo-Mac BV270 with free vac kit
Italian made: Oleo-Mac BV270 with free vac kit

This machine is from a leading supplier of garden machinery and has a 30.5 cc engine producing a powerful blast of blowing air.

This will tidy up pine cones and twigs as well as leaves and has a steel-bladed impellor to shred the rubbish when used as a leaf vac.

It has a 36 litre collection bag.

It costs £199.95, £100 off the maker’s recommended retail price and has a three year warranty. Deliver the next working day is free.

And this one is made with the owners of small estates in mind as well as professional gardeners.

Tanaka THB-250PF leaf blower
Great power: Tanaka THB-260PF leaf blower

The Tanaka THB-260PF Commercial-Grade Handheld Petrol Blower-Vac also comes with a free vacuum shredder kit which normally sells for £69.

It has a 23.9 cc engine designed for a long, hard working life and a high volume fan for a really powerful blast of air.

It weighs only 4.2 kg and has a handle to make it more comfortable to use.

It costs £268, £100 less than the maker’s recommended retail price and has a five year warranty, two years for commercial use. Delivery the next working day is free.


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