Ten top mowers to give the largest lawns an immaculate finish

We can all get jealous at houses with large gardens and immaculate lawns.

But a perfect lawn takes while to cut and it is essential to have a mower designed to trim larger areas.

For if you don’t invest in a wider cut mower with a large engine you face the prospect of spending more time walking up and down instead of sitting nback and admiring your work.

So here are ten top lawnmowers designed with the largest lawns in mind. And you find it hard choosing remember you can always give us a ring on 08454 588905 if you would like personal advice.

So here’s the first and it comes from a top Italian manufacturer. The Oleo-Mac G53-TK AllRoad Plus-4 Self-Propelled Lawn Mower currently on special offer with a saving of £200.

Oleo-Mac G 53-TK plus 4 lawn mower
Bag a bargain: Oleo-Mac G53-TK All Road plus 4 lawn mower

This is a versatile mower with the choice of discharging the clippings to the side or back, mulching them or collecting in the grass box.

It has a really powerful 196 cc engine and is robustly built with a steel deck and six cutting heights from 28 mm to 75 mm and can cope easily with rougher areas and sloping lawns.

High wheels make it easier to turn and it has a massive 70 litres grass box.

It costs £299.95 and has a three year warranty from the manufacturers. We deliver it free the next working day.

Now the Einhell GH-PM 56 S HW Hi-Wheel Self-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower, German engineered, solidly built and with an extra wide 56 cm cut.

Einhell GH-PM 56 SHW lawnmower
Larger lawns: Einhell GH-PM 56 Hi-WEheel lawnmower

This one collects the clippings in the grass box, mulches them and returns them to the lawn or discharges them either to the side or back.

It has a 173 cc engine and a large 2-litre fuel tank to keep you mowing longer. It starts easily with a handlebar mounted starting cord.

This can tackle all manner of mowing tasks and you can disengage the drive when turning or negotiating sharper corners.

It has a massive 75 litre grass box and to make it comfortable to use the handlebars have three adjustable options.

It costs £339.95 compared with the recommended retail price of £549.95 and is delivered free the next working day. It has a two year maker’s warranty.

Now another on special offer from an Italian manufacturer.

Efco LR55VBX lawn mower
From Italy: Efco LR55VBX lawn mower

The Efco LR55-VBX 4-in-1 Hi-Wheel Petrol Lawn Mower with Variable Speed Drive.

The variable speed control means there are four mowing speeds – from 2.5 km/hour to 5 km/hour so you choose the speed to suit your pace or the ground being cut.

Again, there are four options for dealing with the clippings.

This one has a 190 cc Briggs & Stratton engine giving great torque and is designed for a long life.

It has a cutting width of 53 cm, an 80 litre grass box with an indicator to show when  it’s full, and six cutting heights from 25 mm to 82 mm with six options.

It costs £399, over £165 off the maker’s recommended retail price and we deliver it free the next working day. It has a three year warranty.

Many people prefer to mulch cuttings and here is a machine dedicated to this mowed of mowing as well as collecting

The Toro 20956 ES Steel Deck Recycler Lawn Mower (ADS / Electric Start), is a very solid machine and is designed so that you can switch from collecting to mulching just by pulling a lever.

Toro 20956 ES lawn mower
Electric start: Toro 20956 ES lawn mower

It has a 190 cc Briggs & Stratton engine, reliable and started by the turn of  key. And the maker’s ADS system matches the mower’s speed to that at which you are walking.

Cutting heights are from 25 mm up to 102 mm.

It costs £469, £130 less than the maker’s recommended retail price and is delivered free within two to three working days. It has a two year warranty and is delivered with a free bottle of oil after a full inspection prior to delivery.

Masport RRSP 22 rear roller mower
Top build: Masport RRSP 22H Rear Roller mower

Now to the other end of the world for the Masport Rotarola RRSP-22 Rear-Roller Self-Propelled Lawn Mower.

Manufactured in New Zealand, this mower has a 22 in cutting width and will leave a striped finish, a look many people favour.

And is will cut exceptionally low, right down to 10 mm.

It is fitted with a 190 cc Briggs & Stratton engine, very easy to start and it ios made from cast aluminium for great strength and a longer life.

And it is also fitted with Quick Cut blades which the manufacturer’s say will reduce mowing time by up to 15 per cent.

It has a massive 70 litre grass box and the handles fold down to take less room in the garden shed.

This is currently on special offer at £699, a saving of over £120 and is delivered free the next working day complete with a free 10-litre jerry can. It has a three year maker’s warranty.

Now a unique mower with an extra wide cut – 76 cm – and twin blades designed to mulch the clippings are force them into the lawn.

Toro Timermaster Twin Cut lawn mower
Twin Bladses: Toro Timesmaster twin cut mower

The Toro 20975 TimeMaster Twin Cut Lawnmower can also be set to collect the clippings or to eject them to the side.

It has a Briggs & Stratton engine guaranteed to start very easily and is designed so that its mowing speed matches that of the user. It even has a traction  assist for more difficult terrain.

The design with its wheels out front makes it very easy to manoeuvre and a blade-brake clutch means you don’t have to stop the engine when emptying the grass box.

It costs £849, £150 less than the maker’s recommended price and has a three year warranty. It is delivered free within two to three working days complete with a free bottle of oil.

Now a British favourite for years.

The Hayter Harrier 56 Autodrive Lawnmower with Variable Speed (Code: 560) has a 56 cm cutting width and a rear roller to give that perfect striped finish.

Hayter Harrier 56
Top machine: Harrier Harrier 56

With a 190 cc Briggs & Stratton engine it has an aluminium chassis which is polymer lined to prolong life and reduce noise. And it is fitted with a cutter-blade friction disc to absorb impacts and lessen the chance of serious engine damage.

It will cut right down to 13 mm and up to 60 mm and has a 60 litre grass box.

It also has variable speed drive so the user can set the speed which suits them best.

It costs £965, a substantial reduction on the recommended retail price of £1149 and has a five year warranty. We deliver it free the next working day with a free bottle of engine oil.

And you also receive a free ten litre jerry can.

Now one built with the professional gardener in mind but just as suitable for home owners with large lawns to maintain.

LAWNFLITE_553HRS_REAR_ROLLER_LAWNMOWER_640WThe Lawnflite-Pro 553HRS-Pro Rear-Roller Lawnmower, currently on special offer, has a heavy duty steel deck, front bumper and a powerful Honda engine.

This drive is via a shaft to the cutter deck and rear roller so there is never any delay should a drive belt snap and it has a blade-brake clutch, a time-saver when emptying the grass box or crossing paths.

The split differential means there is less risk of scalping uneven lawns.

It has a massive 75 litre grass box and a 53 cm – 21 in – cutting width and the Honda engine starts easily and fuel efficient.

The recommended retail price is £1199 but we have it for sale for £939. Delivery is free within three to five working days and it has a two year manufacturer’s warranty.

Now if you’re one of those with a large lawn who’d rather sit outside in a deck chair than worry about the lawn – don’t worry, you’re not alone – this is the answer.

Oleo-Mac orion robot mower
Take it easy: Oleo-Mac Orion robot mower

The Oleo-Mac Orion Fully Automated Robotic Lawn Mower with Docking Station takes away all the mowing hours once you have installed it.

And this is really simple as it involves simply pegging out a perimeter wire and installing the docking station – both simply achieved by an amateur.

The drive is from a powerful electric motor powered by a lithium-ion battery and the mower automatically returns to the docking station when it needs recharging.

The clippings are mulched really finely and returned to the lawn where they rot away and provide useful nutrients.

If it is tilted or lifted it will automatically cut out. And it can work through the rain or you can programme it to run for cover back to its little home.

It costs £1099, £800 off the maker’s recommended retail price and has a three year warranty. It is delivered the next working day for free.

And the last in our top ten is the iconic Britsh mower, used for cricket pitches and bowling greens and for the precisely–striped lawns which epitomise country houses.

Allett Kensington 20k lawn mower
British style: Allett Kensington 20 K lawn mower

The Allett Kensington 20K Petrol Cylinder Lawn Mower has a dual rear roller, front roller, and cutting heights which are from 6 mm to 32 mm.

A 98 cc engine gently putters away to give reliable cutting and forward motion, the cutting width is 20 in and the adjustable rake just before the front roller prepares the grass for a very precise cut.

It costs £1185, has a two year warranty and is delivered free the next working day.

We have a huge selection of mowers on our site and remember you can always call us if you would like personal advice you can always ring us 08454 588905.



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