Three mowers from a top Italian manufacturer at special prices

Much of the country is enjoying a spell of milder weather and many of you will soon be looking for a new mower.

And a great choice would be from the range produced by Italian manufacturer Oleo-Mac, a leading European company with whom we have an exclusive arrangement.

If you have a small to medium sized lawn the Oleo-Mac G48-TK Petrol Self-Propelled Lawn Mower could be what you’re looking for.

Oleo-Mac G48 TK lawn mower
Italian made: Oleo-Mac G48 TK lawn mower

This is a well-designed and built mower with a 46 cm cutting width and a 140 cc engine with plenty of torque and good fuel economy.

Cutting heights are from 28 mm to 75 mm so it can take on most lawns and rougher areas and it has a 60 litre grass box.

We have this on sale at the moment for £219.95, a saving of £130 on the maker’s recommended retail price. And if you prefer to mulch the clippings and return them to the lawn you can buy a mulch kit for £20.

There is a three year warranty from Oleo-Mac and we deliver it free the next working day.

Next is one on special offer with £200 off the maker’s recommended retail price.

Oleo-Mac G53-TK
Italian made: Oleo-Mac G53-TK lawn mower

The Oleo-Mac G53-TK Petrol Self-Propelled Lawn Mower is another machine exclusive to MowDIRECT with a 159 cc Emak engine which is quiet when running and has low emission levels.

This has a cutting width of 51 cm and is the machine you need for a lawn up to 2000 sq metres.

With cutting heights from 28 mm to 75 mm and a 60 litre grass box it is a great mower especially as it has a three year warranty from the manufacturers.

It costs £239.95 and is delivered free the next working day.

And this one gives you four ways of dealing with the cuttings and has been designed to be really comfortable to use.

Oleo-Mac TK-AllRoad Self propelled mower
Powerful engine: Oleo-Mac TK AllRoad lawnmower

The Oleo-Mac G53-TK AllRoad Plus-4 Self-Propelled Lawn Mower lets you collect the clippings in the 70 litre grass box, discharge them to the rear or side – useful for when cutting paddocks of orchards – or mulch them where they are chopped into pieces the size of tea leaves and returned to the lawn.

Clippings like this rot down and provide a useful fertilizer.

The engine is an Emak K800 model with a cubic capacity of 196 cc giving bags of power.

This is a real top quality mower, very well made with a heavy-duty steel deck and six cutting heights so it can cope easily with uneven ground and longer, thick grass. Extra large drive wheels help when the going gets rough.

It costs £299.95, £150 less than the maker’s recommended retail price. Again there is a three year warranty and free next working day delivery.

Have a look at these pages for a massive selection of lawnmowers and give us a ring on 08454 588905 if you want advice.

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