Did you see this week’s offers in the weekend Independent and Sunday People ?

We didn’t want you to miss out on this week’s super-offers as seen in the I weekend Newspaper and the The Mirror’s Sunday People, so we decided to share with you some of our favourites….

MowDirect in the Sunday People – 20 September 2020

We enjoyed reading Adrienne Wild’s Gardening column, with all-too-important tips on ‘How to.. Improve your lawn!’ September is an important time for your grounds and there are some cracking tips on shaping your lawn, raking , draining and how to boost that important grass growth during this time of year. Not to mention something we encounter a lot ourselves here at MowDirect and something we seem to advise many of our customers; the all too dreaded moss problems. It gently reminds us its time to consider scarifying. If you are having some moss problems why not read our previous post of Keeping your lawn Moss Free.

Adrienne’s column also reminds us that autumn and … dare I say it … Christmas ..is not too far away! One of my favourites winter plants to flower over Christmas are Hyacinths and loved reading Adrienne’s tips and suggestions for the best varieties for those important colours and heavenly sweet smells… Amethyst, Amsterdam, Delhi Blue and Pink Pear and how to force flowers during winter months. Now is the time get those bulbs.

We’ve also been busy, our MowDirect experts have been working hard to bring you this weeks amazing garden offers. My personal highlight, is the Feider FNHPT240 Petrol Pressure Washer, after seeing a demonstration at MowDirect HQ, I ended up buying one myself! This powerful, high-pressure jet washer is ideal for all your outdoor cleaning needs, powered by hefty 4- Stroke Petrol Engine and pumping out 200 Bar of water pressure, it will really take care of tough dirt on your patios, decks, bikes, cars, window, lawnmowers and much much more!

Impressive Jet Power with Feider FNHPT240

I appreciate this machine is quite a top-end model which excels on quality and power. Because of this, the tubular steel makes it quite a heavy machine, although massive 30cm wheels do make it manageable and easy to move and operate. One our other top selling pressure washers at the moment are from the Energizer range. We offer two models, the EZN2000 which offers 160 Bars of pressure and EZN2200 which offers 170 Bar. These are obviously a lot less powerful than Feider FNHPT240 but still works wonders for the standard domestic user, with the ability to clean in great detail. They are electric so much easier to maintain than petrol machines and small enough for easy storing and manage in typical British gardens and drive ways – they are a perfect fit for sheds and garages. One of the reasons why the Feider and Energizer models have become such success stories is not only their quality but also the free add-ons that providing, nozzles and attachments that will suit the job at hand.

The Energizer Pressure Washers – 160 Bar and 170 Bar Available from MowDirect

We’ve been quite lucky so far in September with the weather and with everything going on, it’s been a blessing to still be in the garden on sunny and warm days. Its seems we may even be lucky enough for an Indian summer. The grass is still growing and needs cutting, we’ve selected three-top -petrol lawn mowers that are a cut above the rest for the job.

  1. The Racing 4000T – this has been a major success over the years and this self-propelled 16” ( 40cm) wide cut lawn mower offers incredible value – currently on offer at only £169 with free delivery, an exclusive to MowDirect.
  2. Feider TR4240 and TR4240ES – Built to very high standards and fitted with a rear roller to give your lawn a football pitch would be proud of. With a width of cut of 45cm and easy remove grassbag that holds a roomy 45 litres and thanks to their special blade technology – with mulch like affect that allows more clippings to be fitted in the grassbox.
  3. The Feider 5070 and 5096 – Superior 4 in 1 petrol lawn mowers, that will appeal to discerning gardeners looking for a mower with high specifications. Easily select between collect, mulch, side-discharge or rear- discharge clippings, making it possible to manage a range of lawns. With a five-step cutting-height range (25-65mm) that’s straightforward to adjust using just the one lever, it combines a generous 50cm working-width with a roomy 55-litre grassbag. The 5070 operate 173cc or why not upgrade to the 5096 with 196cc four-stroke engine – the most powerful in this class – means it will tackle with ease challenging cutting-conditions.

Like Adrienne Wilde we are also getting ready for the Autumn and Winter, there are many jobs to be done in the garden in September that will allow for a more relaxing and easy fall and subsequent winter – now is the time before the cold sets in and it becomes less and less appealing to venture into your gardens and allotments. A job I particularly enjoy doing this time of year is pruning and cutting back growth and creating mulch-type chipping that can be used to bring healthy nutrients back into the ground. Your garden will thank you for it when the spring growth comes back next year. The best way to achieve this is with a Chipper-Shredder.

Which Chipper Shredder for your garden in 2020?

There are many options of chipper-shredders to suit varying budgets and ground types. One of our most popular models, is the Feider FBT70. This domestic aimed garden shredder can be used to process woody garden waste including hedge- cuttings, twigs and small branches. It has a 173cc four-stroke petrol engine which will deliver higher performance levels than an electric model and can be used away from the house without the hassle of an extension lead. The Feider FBT70 Petrol Shredder has a belt-type drive system for smooth transmission of power to the cutting disc. It employs top-grade carbide- steel blades that excel in terms of both durability and cutting-performance; and it sits on a pair of transport wheels that ensures it will prove easy to move to and from the storage-space.

The best Chipper Shredder for Domestic Garden in 2020

We hope you enjoy the rest for the good weather, while it lasts. From me Dick, Drew and Holly and our expert team at MowDirect are always here to help. If you have any garden related questions we would be happy to answer them!

Call on  020 3026 8712 from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm Mon – Fri and 9.00 am to 5.00 pm Sat or send us an email anytime [email protected]

Enjoy your garden. Drew Hardy

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