Keeping your lawn healthy and moss free:– here’s how

Now’s the time to ensure the lawn is in good health through the winter months and for many this will mean scarifying.

And if there is any machine among the literally thousands we sell which can call a best seller it will be the Einhell BG-SC 2240P Petrol Lawn Scarifier.

Einhell BG-SC scarifier
Best seller: Einhell BG-SC scarifier

Lawns should be regularly scarified to remove the dead grass and new-forming moss and this machine has proved hugely popular.

German-designed it has 35 steel blades which tease out the debris from the lawn’s surface so that moisture and nutrients can penetrate through to the roots and keep the plants healthy.

And at this time of year it is important to ensure that the grass will be ready for the Spring growth when it comes next year.

In fact, the lawns only stop growing for a very few days during a normal winter – we know several people who trimmed their lawns even in December and January last year.

This scarifier is still on special offer and has 118 cc petrol engine and six working heights and although not self propelled the revolving motion of the steel blades moves it forward as it works.

The working width is 40 cm and the catcher can hold 45 litres although for heavily affected lawns you may wish to leave this off the first time you use the scarifier and rake the rubbish up later.

With a two year warranty, it costs £279.95, a huge reduction on the recommended retail price of £499.95.

We deliver it free the next working day.

For a full selection of scarifiers see these pages on our site.

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