Time to tackle the nettles and thistles before they take over

Depending on where you are in the country, the grass is growing more slowly but still needs regular mowing.

Would the same could be said for nettles and weeds, for these bane of every gardener’s life seem to thrive whatever the conditions.

And if you have a small orchard or paddock they need trimming if these are not to take over and ruin the appearance of an otherwise perfect garden.

Scythe them by all means but if there is a large area you will soon be reaching for something to rub into the muscles to relieve a backache.

MD Tondu Wheeled Trimmer
MD Tondu Wheeled Trimmer – powerful and great value

And this is where this great little machine comes into its own.

The MD Tondu Wheeled Trimmer Mower is exclusive to MowDirect and is brilliant for overgrown patches in the garden as well as roadside verges and banks.

A 160cc 4-stroke engine drives a cutting head with thick strimming cord thick enough to deal with nettles and docks and thick banks of weed.

The flat nose front can be pushed under low-hanging branches, bushes, garden benches and will cut close to walls and wooden fences without causing damage.

It is a sturdy little beast with thick rubber tyres on spoked wheels and is stable enough to be pushed along banks and uneven verges.

Strong nylon line does the cutting so it won’t matter if you hit other discarded rubbish like pieces of metal, rubble or tin cans.

The working width is 56cm so you can cover large areas quickly and the cutting heights are between 35mm and 70mm.

There is a dead man’s handle to cut the engine should it be released if there is a problem and a throttle control the revs and another to engage the trimming head.

The handlebars fold down should someone want to borrow it and load it into the car boot.

There are five sets of strimming line with the order and ten additional sets can be bought for £20

This great little machine costs £319, £40 off the recommended price and it is delivered FREE within seven days. It has a two-year warranty.

One customer wrote to say: ‘Nettles Brambles Thistles All Gone. I cleared 2 paddock areas of rough grass, just over 700 sq metres of 5ft high nettles brambles thistles and more. This machines made light work of a daunting task. Highly recommended.’

You can see a wide range of strimmers here and do visit MowHow, our knowledge base if you need more advice and information.


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