The Sun Has Finally Got His Hat On. Hope You’ve Got Yours On Too.

Yes, yes, yes. It’s awfully exciting. Strange transition. One moment I’m popping down to our local pub with ‘B’, my lovely and long-suffering BFF, for a couple of glasses of prosecco, sitting like brave soldiers in the garden and finding the Beast From The East icing everything not wrapped in fleecy material, the next I’m basking in unexpected sunshine my bijou garden wondering when the asparagus is going to appear.

Today the temperature is up (HOORAH) and I can’t see a cloud from where I am. Subsequently, it is worth remembering that when the sunshine really hits,  we should immediately start to think about protecting ourselves. As the spring and then – all being well – the summer progresses, we will need to look after ourselves.

I have read a couple of times that the palm-readers and court jesters…sorry… weather forecasters, are warning of a SCORCHER in May and that we should be looking out for very high temperatures and sunshine.

Even lower temperatures can be hazardous, particularly when we’ve got so used to Baltic breezes and easter freezes.

So. In order to remind you that the sun does shine and bearing in mind very many people forget to protect themselves and end up looking like a well-seared joint of brisket, or striped like a lawn on account of lying down behind a fence – comic book style – here are a couple of tips on looking after yourself in your spring and summer garden.

YES! Safely dressed gardener

First of all, remember it’s not just a bit of sudden sunshine you have to be aware of. Even in the shade, high temperatures can affect you and heatstroke can get you when you least expect it.

  1. Sunscreen. Yup. As the famous 90s record tells you (It was Baz Lurman by the way who made Strictly Ballroom and Moulin Rouge) Wear sunscreen. Protect your skin. You may not think the sun is hot enough but listen. It jolly well is. You only have one skin. keep it covered!
  2. Drink plenty of water. Doesn’t matter whether it’s from your tap. your filter jug, the corner shop or WH Smith at a train station, who must seel more water than anyone, you need plenty of H2O (not the bus, the formula) if you’re going to survive some serious slog down the plot in hot weather.
  3. Wear safety clothing. Even in hot weather, you need to be safe so those goggles, sturdy shoes and long trousers still need to be worn. Keep your top half cool and you’ll probably be OK. The trouble with working in the garden when the sun comes out is everyone wants to start wearing open-toed sandals. Remeber, using a strimmer or any cutting equipment in open-toes sandals is NOT to be recommended.
  4. Cream up.  Remember, it’s not just the sun or the machines you need protecting from, this is the time when all the insects come out to play so if you are
    NO! Idiot!

    allergic to mosquitoes, ticks, gnats and all other horrid little wingy-things, use some cream or some spray and smother the outside bits well.

  5. Protect your ears. Many people stop wearing ear defenders if it’s hot. Don’t do this. Loud noises are just as dangerous in the heat and you could damage your hearing by long exposure to noise so use those ear defenders and take more breaks to cool off.
  6. Wear a Hat. Like the sunscreen, A good, wide-brimmed hat can prevent sunstroke and will also stop those little flying things getting in your hair and biting your scalp. Also long sleeved tops and sunglasses.

And that’s that for me. In the meanwhile don’t be downhearted if your mower doesn’t start the first time, your brushcutter has conked out or your ride-on has exploded. Just call us on 0345 4588 905 from 9 am to 5 pm weekdays and from 10 am to 4 pm on Saturday and we will put you right. We have a great team of impartial product advisers who are legends in their own lunch breaks.

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See ya.   Holly

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