Gardening jobs for January

The Christmas and New Year festivities are out of the way and we’re back to arguably the most depressing month of the year. However, there’s no time to be moping around, as your garden needs you! So what’s on the to-do list for January? Plan your vegetable crop rotations To get the most out of … Continued

September Deal Time Must End Soon and Nuns Have Fun with Log-Splitters

Just before I get on to the whole September Deal time ending thing, I have to say that the other day, while browsing through some of our product review pages (I’d finished Cosmo and there was no Time Out available)  I read a lovely review of one of our products. The machine in question was one of our … Continued

August lets you see the fruit of your labours

The heatwave has been great news for gardeners who have been able to sit out in the sun and enjoy their lawn in all its glory. August is finally here and green-fingered enthusiasts will be getting ready to dig up their lettuce, pick those plums and rustle up some raspberries. It will be a flurry … Continued

Crop Rotation: Let’s plan to grow Vegetables!

While you might feel as though there is little to do in the garden itself around this time of year, overwinter and into January is an ideal time to plan ahead for the coming months when it comes to what you want to grow for your home vegetable garden. This particularly rings true when it … Continued

My Top Ten Summer World Cup Songs for Your Garden Party or Barby

We fought them on the beaches, we fought them on the field, they fouled us in the penalty box, they kicked us in the… hang on… Oh sorry. My ‘Soaraway Sun’ article doesn’t get submitted until tomorrow. This is for you lovely MowDirect people. So. Legends were created. Wounds were healed. On the lush green … Continued

Liven Up Your Gardening and Celebrate the Sun with My Top Summer Hits

Honestly,  If I see one more blog from my colleague and sometime mentor Mr Drew Hardy that references a certain song featuring the sun wearing headgear, I am going to scream like a Cure fan who accidentally bought a ticket for Justin Beiber. I’m fairly sure, as a slightly younger person, that no one knows … Continued

It’s The Season Of Stripy Lawns – So Here Are My Top Five Stripy Things

I have to admit to being a little surprised by the lack of ‘stripe’ talk going on in these revered (yeah) blog pages recently. Normally you can’t move for blogs by Drew or Dick droning on about how to stripe your lawn, what equipment you need and how striped lawns are just an optical illusion caused by … Continued

All Creatures Great & Small – Keep an Eye on Your Garden Wildlife and Save the Hedgehogs

Everybody knows I’m a sucker for little birdies,  fluffy bunnies, birds, bees, and small cuddly creatures of all kinds. Show me a kitten, I turn into a simpering child, hand me a baby chick, I turn into Joey Tribiani. So, watching out for our garden wildlife is a subject very close to my big, soft … Continued

Our Facebook Ideal Garden Competition Winners – Double The Prizes, Double the Smiles

Well. What an exciting week and weekend it was.  Not only have we seen a man scale a building to save a four-year-old hanging from a balcony, some of the world’s worst goalkeeping mistakes from the Liverpool keeper (what was he meant to be keeping actually? It certainly wasn’t ‘the balls out of the net’) … Continued

Our Facebook Competition – Win A Fabulous Einhell Brushcutter – Get Involved Now

Yay. It’s MowDirect Facebook competition time again. It’s grey and windy outside today but some of the competition entries we have already received are putting a sunny smile on my carefully moisturised face. This competition is to celebrate The Royal Horticultural Society’s National Gardening Week (it’s this week peeps) and we’re very pleased to be … Continued