Powerful leaf blowers to shift the autumn debris – and quietly

We’ve said for some time that the latest battery technology means modern garden machinery delivers the same use than traditional petrol power but is lighter and more pleasant to use.

And this is especially so with leaf blowers which always attract ‘angry neighbour’ headlines at this time of year as the fall really gets into gear and the leaf blowers start to work.

Drives and paths matted with leaves can be dangerous and slippery and lawns and flower beds not only look scruffy but can’t grow as quickly as light and moisture can’t get to the roots. So clearing leaves and debris is an essential in the autumn.

Here are three high-powered leaf blowers to clear away really heavy falls even when the leaves are trodden down and a solid mass.

First is the EGO LB4801E-KIT Power+ 56v Cordless Leaf Blower, machine which has the industry’s most powerful battery.

EGO leaf blower
Light and powerful: EGO batter-powered leaf blower

It has a 2Ah, 56V battery cell which gives an hour of blowing power on a charge of 40 minutes depending on battery and charger used.

The clearing power is the same if not better than may top petrol machines.

It weighs only 2.5kg and is well balanced meaning it can be used for long periods with undue stress and it has three blowing speeds so you can adjust according to the debris.

It costs £199, £20 off the recommended price and has a five-year warranty with free next working day delivery.

Stihl is traditionally the company the professional gardeners turn to for the equipment so this machine, the STIHL BGA 85 Cordless Leaf-Blower, should be one for any shortlist.

This is a seriously powerful leaf blower with a choice of batteries giving 4Ah or 6Ah and can shift leaves and litter effectively and quietly.

The blowing force can be very finely adjusted and the machine weighs only 3.2kg.

Stihl leaf blower
Professional machine: Stihl BGA 85 cordless leaf blower

The batteries and charger are sold separately, chargers are either £70 or £120.

The blower is priced at £249 and is delivered free of charge within two to three working days with a two-year warranty.

And finally this great little machine is one we helped to develop.

The Redback E435CDQ-6Ah Cordless Leaf-Blower has a 40V battery which charges in 90 minutes and like other lithium-ion batteries retains its charge when not in use.

It weighs only 2.5kg and has four blowing speeds and comes with a 6Ah battery, charger, and a belt to hold the battery.

It is light and very simple to use and well balanced so it can be used for long periods with undue tiredness.

The package costs £279, a substantial reduction on the recommended price of £465 and has a three-year warranty and is delivered free the next working day.

The battery is compatible with other equipment in the Redback range so in future you will only need to buy the appliance.

Our extensive range of leaf blowers can be seen on these pages and if you’re not sure which is the right one for your needs please call us on 03454 588905.


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