Ten top tools to make the autumn chores easier

Rain and chilly in the north, bright and sunny in the south, but no matter where you are the leaves are tumbling.

And, north or south, this is a good time of year for tree-felling while there is little sap in the wood and flower beds can be repaired in time for next spring. The only trouble is you can’t avoid a trunk landing in the shrubbery.

So here is a selection of equipment for clearing leaves, felling trees and sawing up branches. Some are from our pages listing autumn bargains and all are at very keen prices.

Redback Cordless Leaf Blower
Battery power: Redback Cordless Leaf Blower

The first is from a range of battery-powered equipment we helped to develop, new and exclusive to MowDirect.

Using the latest lithium-ion batteries, the Redback E435CQ-2Ah Cordless Leaf-Blower delivers great blasts of air at the push of a button using a 40V battery with cells from a leading Japanese producer.

It’s supplied with a beefy 40v (2Ah) battery-pack that’s been designed and built in-house by Redback; and which is based around cutting-edge lithium-ion cell-technology.

This has four speed controls so you can pick the appropriate one for the debris you are shifting.

It weighs only 2.5kg excluding the battery – this is held in a specially designed belt around your waist and this, as well as the blower, a charger and the battery is included in the price.

And as the battery will fit other machinery in the range other equipment, like a pole pruner or hedge cutter, can be bought for a reduced price.

As one customer puts it “Brilliant…Very Well Made and Good Value…The overall performance of this machine is stunning.”

The package costs £199 compared with the recommended price of £356 and is delivered FREE of charge the next working day with a three-year warranty.

Mitox 260 leaf blower
Leaf blaster: Mitox 260BX leaf blower

The Mitox 260BX Handheld Petrol Blower is a powerful machine yet only weighs 4.7kg and is ideal for clearing fallen leaves into piles as well as cleaning patios, paths and drives.

A 27.6cc engine produces a 249km an hour blast of air, enough to deal with trodden down and matted leaves.

It has low vibration levels and a cruise control, useful to lock on when clearing large lawns and long drives. An offset blowing tube makes it easy to direct.

It costs £179, £20 off the recommended price, has a five-year warranty and we deliver it free the next working day with FREE oil thrown in.

As I have a large garden with far too many trees this saves hours of raking”  said one customer.

And from the same stable comes the Mitox 280BVX PREMIUM Petrol Blower-Vac.with a similar engine but with the ability to suck up and shred the pile-up debris into a collection bag which holds 50 litres.

With a large fuel tank and low noise levels it will also keep vibration levels down making it comfortable to use for longer periods. It also has a cruise control.

Mitox Leaf Blower
Best Buy: Mitox 280 BVX Leaf Blower

To switch from blowing mode to vac, just switch nozzles – it will shred the debris to a twelfth its original volume. When blowing it develops a 161mph air blast.

The mulch remaining in the bag can go straight on to the compost heap or can be used around the roots of tender plants to protect them from winter snows and ice.

It costs £199, £40 off the recommended price and has a two-year warranty with free next working day delivery.

Ever tried clearing leaves from a large lawn using a tined rake? It’s harder than you think and can also be frustrating in a stiff breeze. But this next device attached to a lawn tractor will do the job quickly and efficiently.

Lawnflite Leaf Sweeper
Clean sweep: Lawnflite Leaf Sweeper

The Lawnflite LS38 38” Tow-Behind Leaf Sweeper has a working width of 95.5cm and has 25cm revolving brushes to sweep the debris including twigs into a massive 340-litre container.

And when this is full it can be emptied from the driver’s seat.

The working height of the brushes can be adjusted according to the surface and thickness of the debris you are clearing.

It costs £249, has a two-year warranty and FREE next working day delivery.

The easiest way to clear large areas from lawns to drives and patios is a vacuum cleaner and this one is a cracker.

Weibang leaf and litter vacuum
Simple sweeping: Weibang Inteprid LV 800 leaf and liter vacuum

The Weibang Intrepid LV800 Wheeled Leaf & Litter Vacuum with Hose Kit will hoover up garden debris into the 240-litre catcher with the minimum of fuss.

And it’s even self-propelled to make life easier.

Power is from a 163cc Loncin engine and there’s enough of it to handle rougher surfaces as well as sloping lawns.

The front wheels are castor mounted to make precise steering easier.

The machine’s working width is  80cm and it comes with a suction hose so you can clean up awkward corners around fences and the back of flower beds where the leaves tend to congregate.

The machine, which is new for this year, costs £1499 and has a two-year warranty and includes FREE oil.

Delivery is free within two to three working days.

And this next similar outdoor vac is really strong and made to deal with all manner of debris.

Equally at home clearing up after parties in the garden and leaves and twigs, the Billy Goat KV650H Estate Series Lawn Vacuum (Honda Engine) with On-Board Hose-Kit 891125 produces very strong suction and has a Honda engine.

Billy Goat KV650
Billy Goat KV650: Real power

With five serrated impellor blades it can deal with the toughest debris including tins and glass so leaves and twigs are no problem.

The machine is built for large areas and is often used for clearing up after garden parties and weddings as well as the autumn clear-up.

The debris goes into a 151-litre bag and it has a 68.6cm suction width with adjustable working heights.

The cost is £1309, £100 off the recommended price and it has a one-year warranty with free next working day delivery and FREE oil. 

If you live in the country you may well hear the whine of chainsaws as this is a good time to trim and fell trees.

And for lighter tasks this one is both easy and safe to use.

The Redback E216C Cordless Chainsaw was a one we helped to develop, using the latest battery technology using any of the company’s 2Ah, 4Ah or 6Ah batteries, but please note that the price quoted is for the saw only and not the batteries.

Redback cordless chainsaw
Impressive! Redback E216c Cordless Chainsaw

These batteries retain their charge when not in use and charge much more quickly than previous ones.It has a 40cm chain bar so is ideal for cutting back the branches of trees or cutting up firewood.

The saw is well balanced with an inertia chain brake and chain lubrication to give it a longer life.

Great Piece of Kit,” “Works a Treat” are recent customers’ comments.

It costs £179, a useful £70 off the recommended price and has a three-year warranty with FREE delivery the next working day.

From a leading maker of garden machinery, the Oleo-Mac GS-370 Pro Petrol Chainsaw comes with a free starter pack of safety equipment and accessories.

It is fitted with a 35.2cc engine and has extensive vibration damping and a 35cm chain bar making it ideal for cutting small branches from trees and preparing firewood.

It weighs 4.2kg and comes with safety gloves, helmet with ear muffs and a visor, two-stroke and chain oil and a fuel mixing bottle.

It costs £219.95, £100 off the recommended price and is delivered FREE the next working day with a five-year warranty and FREE oil. 

I am 100% satisfied with the performance and price of this product. It’s fantastic, starting is easy and it’s performing well”  was one customer’s comment.

Tanaka is a company which produces really powerful equipment, so much so that is now the company many professionals turn to.

Tanaka chainsaw
Tree feller: Tanaka ECS 3351 petrol chain saw

The range of Tanaka chainsaws is second to none and this one, the smallest in their range, would suit most homeowners wanting to undertake felling of saplings and small trees and lopping branches.

The Tanaka ECS 3351 Petrol Chainsaw with a 35cm guide bar is simple to use and very light – just 3.5kg.

It has a vibration damping system so you can use it for longer periods without undue tiredness and has a chain oiling mechanism driven by the crankshaft to keep it well lubricated.

You can set this according to the toughness of the wood being cut.

The engine produces 1.6hp and has been designed for a long life – the saw has a warranty of five years.

It is delivered FREE the next working day with FREE  helmet and ear defenders worth £24.95, as well as FREE oil, and costs £269, £90 off the recommended price.

And finally another new one for this year and a saw made for professionals wanting both power and reliability.

The Echo CS-501SX Petrol Chainsaw with a 45cm guide bar is made for large scale commercial felling and has a 50.2cc with the company’s G-Force air pre-cleaner to protect the mechanism.

Echo CS-501SX chainsaw
Professional chainsaw: Echo CS-501SX chainsaw

Maintenance is made easier with simple cutting gear removal, a side chain tensioner and readily accessible air filter.

It weighs only 4.7kg and is one of the lightest professional chain saws on the market.

With a five year warranty is costs £679 and is delivered FREE the next working day with a five-year warranty and FREE oil. 

For our extensive range of leaf clearing devices and machinery see these pages and our chainsaws are listed here.

And please ring us on 03454 588905 if you have any questions about any of our products you would like answered before ordering.

A quick tip on leaves before we go. When they are wet pack them into a plastic bag and then ignore for a couple of years.

And when you go back to them you will have wonderful friable leaf mould perfect for potting young plants and scattering on the flower beds.

And all for free!




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