Modern battery power comes of age in the garden

If there is one trend that is noticeable in garden machinery it is the move away from petrol engines and towards battery power.

This has been hastened by the enormous advance in the technology so that today the lithium-ion battery produces power to rival petrol.

After all, a battery powered HGV is promised to be on the roads soon.

The machines for the garden weigh much less, are more pleasant to use with none of the fumes from a petrol exhaust and when it comes to lawnmowers they are far easier to navigate around the garden.

Redback cordless lawnmower
Battery power: Redback E137C cordless lawnmower

We have a large selection of cordless mowers which you can see on these pages but we have highlighted a couple to give you an idea of what’s available.

The Redback E137CQ-2Ah Cordless Lawnmower is a machine from a range we helped to develop.

A 40V battery uses the latest in power cells from a world-leading manufacturer which will run for 25 minutes, enough time to cut a small to medium-sized lawn.

It comes with a charger and will re-charge in just 70 minutes and you can check the power available via a display dial on the handlebars.

The cutting width is 37cm, ideal for lawns around 400m2, and it has five cutting heights from 25mm to 75mm.

With a grass box which holds 40 litres and folding handlebars it is easy to store and transport in the car boot.

An Excellent-Well Engineered Machine” is one customer’s opinion.

The mower costs £229, £118 less than the recommended price and includes battery and charger, and remember the battery fits other equipment in the range so you only need to buy the appliance making it far cheaper.

We deliver it FREE the next working day and there is a three-year maker’s warranty.


EGO lm2000EKIT lawnmower
Mower with headlights: EGO LM2000EKIT cordless lawnmower

At the start we said modern mowers with lithium-ion batteries can now rival the power produced by petrol and this is particularly true when it comes the range of machines built and designed by Ego.

Their EGO LM2001EKIT Power+ Cordless Lawnmower has a 56V, 4Ah battery and has a working width of 49cm, and five cutting heights from 25mm to 80mm.

You can collect the clippings in the 60 litre grass box, mulch them or discharge to the side and it even has a set of headlights so you can where you are going in the dark.

The makers say it can tackle lawns up to 1000m2. One recent customer commented “So far there have not been any negative aspects. I am very pleased with how easy it is to use and with the results of the mowing.”

It costs £499 and has a five year warranty with FREE delivery the next working day.

Other mowers from Ego, including self-propelled models, can be seen here.

Our full range of lawnmowers are on these pages but please ring us on 03454 588905 if you have any questions you’d like answered before placing your order.

“…a friendly manner that seemed to have disappeared since the 60’s. Special thanks to Tracie for her efforts, Jason for his input and Sally for closing the deal. I will only deal with this company for my gardening needs. Thank you.”


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