Help the lawns get over the summer time blues

This is the time of year when many lawns should be looking an absolute picture.

But a combination of factors has left many looking patchy and a bit said.

Some have not recovered from the scorching June weather and scorched, dead grass has inhibited new growth.

And others have bare patches due to insects eating away roots under the surface.

Top seller: Einhell GC-SC 2240P scarifier

The one way to revive unhealthy lawns is to scarify them, using a machine to tease out dead grass and flat-growing weeds to allow moisture and nutrients to penetrate to the roots and to make it easier for new growth to flourish.

Now you can try this with a tined rake but it will be very hard work and not that effective. A far better way is using a scarifiying machine, and this one has been a best seller for some years, offering brilliant value for money.

Designed and engineered in Germany, the Einhell GC-SC 2240P Petrol Lawn Scarifier is ideal for lawns around 1000m2.

It has 18 steel blades which tease out all the rubbish and let the summer rains do their work.

These blades are powered by a 118cc Einhell engine and there are six working levels so you can be as gentle or as savage as you like.

If the lawn has not been scarified for a while, rake up the rubbish teased out you’ll be surprised at how much there is. For later treatments you can use the collector.

It has a working width of 40cm and large wheels to make it easy to manoeuvre.

‘Excellent Product for the Money,’ commented a recent customer  – other reviews can be seen here.

The recommended price is £499.95 but we gave it on offer for £299.95. Delivery is free the next working day and there is a two-year warranty.

For a full list of scarifying machines see these pages and if you would like our advice then please call us on 03454 588905.




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