First Class Service – and I’m Not Talking About Jo Konta

So Wimbledon’s week two is in full swing and I am in a dreamlike state as I contemplate that even the possibility of a British female quarter semi-finalist happening in my lifetime seemed madness only last week. I pinched myself a couple of days ago (it hurt, I wasn’t dreaming) when Jo Konta beat Simona Halep to become the first female Wimbledon semi-finalist since Virginia Wade in 1978 and I wish her luck today. Sad to see Mr Murray go but his opponent was pretty dashed good.

For me, one of the most astonishing parts of Ms Konta’s game, apart from the steely determination and exemplary attitude she shows on court, is her first class service, something we know about here at MowDirect. (Come on, you knew there was going to be a cheesy link somewhere)

And talking of first class, yesterday’s, as usual, straight as a die and sharp as a tack blog, by my old pal Dick, highlights our amazing offer of FREE NEXT DAY PREMIUM DELIVERY on two of our excellent, set of lawn tractors.

These are the ever popular Mountfield 1530M (“A very good machine. Very powerful and well made – does the job its made do well” DAVIDand the superb Al-Ko T16-92hd. (“Quality and design combined. One rarely finds such attributes together nowadays. The design incorporates all those features I have missed on previous mowers and the build quality is to be commended.” ROD).

But while we are at it. let’s talk about our Ride-on Delivery Service. FREE delivery is not to be sniffed at, at any time. But what people don’t always realise is that not all companies go quite so far out of their way to make the receipt of a lawn tractor as easy as possible.

To make it clear, what we are offering, completely free of charge at all times, is a Premium Delivery Service. This means your lawn tractor or ride-on delivery includes…

  1. Your product arriving fully assembled saving you time and effort
  2. A complete manufacturer’s PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) in line with with established guidelines from the maker
  3. A full test of all controls and and working mechanisms to make sure they are in perfect working order
  4. Fine tuning of the engine to ensure it is running at optimum performance levels
  5. Cleaning and polishing of your new ride-on to so it arrives with that sparkling new feel
  6. Providing detailed instruction guidelines on how to get going with your new machine and a Free Technical helpline in case you need assistance
  7. Fixing your ride-on mower on one of our specially designed purpose-built pallets with a protective cover to keep it pristine

Seven good reasons to buy your ride-on from MowDirect.

Usually this service is a 2 – 3 working day delivery. The special, special offer on the Mountfierld and Al-ko tractor offering this service as a next day delivery is really worth taking advantage of but, to be honest, even the 2-3 day version is pretty impressive and we believe you won’t find as good a service anywhere else. So do our customers.

Everything was checked and all questions answered fully. From start to finish all dealings with MowDirect have been a pleasure. Don’t hesitate to purchase from them.BRIAN (Mountfield 1530M Purchaser)

Oh. And it’s not just our ride-on mower Premium Delivery Service that is pleasing the crowds. Our service in general is becoming as well loved as strawberries and cream. Here are a few excerpts from our happy purchasers…

Fantastic Service… honest and pointed me in the right direction to make sure I got the right tool for the job.” MIKE

Excellent Service…Service and advice were excellent, the team’s product knowledge is second to none. I am hugely grateful for the assistance the technical team were able to provide.” `STUART

Helpful advice and prompt service…Would highly recommend. Thanks” ROBERT

“This company is the best ive ever dealt with…MowDirect has made it quick/easy and stress-free .Their aftersales  service is the best… they genuinely care about their customers. I highly recommend this company and I will be definitely giving them my business in future” SIMON

This is not an accident. We genuinely believe in giving helpful guidance, offering impartial advice and trying to provide more than just a product. It’s in our website promise to you.

Sure, we make mistakes and occasionally make an unforced error but everyone does. It’s how you deal with problems that sets you apart and we try very hard to make sure the path from choosing to receiving your shiny new machine is as smooth and helpful as possible…

Good people to deal with. There was a problem in sourcing the mower I wanted so delivery was slow but I was happy with the final product and the service received. For that reason it’s still 5 stars.” DAVID

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