Time to get mowing – ten top lawn tractors delivered to your door next day

Lawn tractors are increasingly popular with anyone with a largish garden, a year-round workhorse saving hours of time.

If you have a large lawn they are an essential as they are just about the only way of keeping the grass in trim.

And with a garden trailer, leaf sweeper or fertiliser spreader of scarifier attachment they will earn their keep very quickly and save hours of work, leaving you with more time for summer barbecues.

Here at MowDirect we are proud to be the country’s leading and largest retailer of ride-ons and lawn and garden tractors and our next day delivery service has proved to be very popular.

That’s right, order one day and be mowing the next. And that even applies to the weekend where you can place your order by Friday 3pm and we will deliver it the next day.

Lawnflite ride-on mower
Easy to drive: Lawnflite 2-in-1 ride-on mower

Here are ten top ride-ons and lawn and garden tractors available for next day delivery, all in stock and ready to mow.

The first in our hit parade is an exclusive, the Lawnflite 2-in-1 Ride-On Mower, suitable for areas up to 2000m2.

This has a 60cm working width so it can nip through garden gates and around tight corners around flower beds and it has a 190cc Briggs & Stratton engine, started with a key and mean on fuel.

The cut grass is mulched or discharged to the side where appearance isn’t so important – orchards and small paddocks for instance. Cutting heights are from 38mm to 95mm.

It’s dead easy to drive with Transmatic transmission and comfortable as well with an adjustable seat.

It costs just £1999, £200 off the recommended price and has a two-year warranty. Standard delivery is free and weekend and weekday delivery is available if you order by 3pm and for a small extra sum.

That machine was from a leading American manufacturer and here’s one from a favourite British brand.

Mountfield 827M compact lawn rider
Cracking value: Mountfield 827M compact lawn rider

The Mountfield 827M is another made to get through narrow gaps in hedges and along restricted garden paths and is cheap to run with the company’s own 224cc engine.

This has a five-speed gear box – five forward and one reverse – and a 150-litre grass box to collect the clippings which can be emptied without leaving the driver’s seat.

You can also but a mulch plug as an optional extra and when  you are finished just attached a garden hose to a port in the cutting deck to wash it down.

There are six cutting heights from 30mm to 80mm on this popular little machine. One customer commented ‘I really like this machine, it’s very easy to use and even cuts in reverse. It has a tight turning circle and cuts right up to the edges.’

It costs £1249, £100 off the recommended price and it has a two-year warranty.

Delivery is free within two to three working days and there is the options of next weekday and Saturday delivery.

This one from MTD is another exclusive machine to us and another from the USA.

From a long-established company, the MTD 2-in-1 Combi Lawn Tractor is powered by a ThorX 420cc engine designed to last and has a 96cm cutting deck so you can cut large areas quickly.

MTD Combin Lawn Tractor
Side discharge: MTD 2-in-1 Combi Lawn Tractor

The cutting deck pivots and has small wheels so it follows the contours of the ground without scalping it giving a neat and even finish.

On the areas of rough grass, clippings are ejected to the side while of]n lawns they are mulched and left to rot down.

It has a very comfortable seat and a turning radius of 46cm making it excellent for tight turns around flowers beds.

There are five cutting heights and wide tyres which won’t damage the surface.

It costs £1399 and is delivered free within two to three working days with a two-year warranty. And again, next day delivery is available.

Now a tried-and-trusted machine, another from Mountfield.

The Mountfield 1538M SD Lawn Tractor is a side-discharge machine which mulches the clippings on formal lawns and has a 452cc GGP engine specifically designed for garden tractors giving plenty of power.

This one has two counter-rotating blades to give a powerful airflow in the cutting deck to improve discharge of cut grass and give a better cut.

Cutting heights are from 25mm to 80mm.

Side discharge: Mountfield 1538M

It has five forward and one reverse gears and wide tyres which won’t damage the grass when it’s wet and will give great grip on sloping ground.

There are twin headlights to keep you going when dusk falls. Previous customers’ thoughts on the machine are here.

The machine costs £1149, £200 off the recommended price and it has a five-year warranty. Normal delivery is with two to three working days and is free with next day options available.

Another from Lawnflite next, another favourite with previous customers.

The Lawnflite 603 XT-S Lawn Tractor has a 420cc MTD ThorX engine giving additional power with a reduction in noise and emissions and a larger fuel tank.

This one has a built-in fan to force the cut grass into the collection box, useful in typical British wet weather. And for those conditions there are a pair of headlights to penetrate the gloom.

You can collect the cut grass in the 2000litre grass box and discharge at the back as well and it has cutting heights from 30m to 95mm with five settings.

A turning radius of 46cm and wide tyres make it easy to manoeuvre.

Wet grass no problem: Lawnflite 603 XT S lawn tractor

‘All in all I am very happy with my purchase,’ said one reviewer. ‘Great mower, took minutes to find my way around the controls, pretty quiet compared to my old mower’ said another.

It is priced at £1499, a saving of £300 on the price recommended and it has a two-year warranty with free delivery in two to three working days, faster and on a Saturday for a small extra fee.

And you can buy a trailer for just £99 if you order it at the same time as the tractor.

Now a lawn tractor, new and exclusive for this year.

The MTD Direct-Collect Lawn Tractor has an easy-starting 420cc engine with a large fuel tank. It has seven semi-automatic gears

Twin cutting blades create powerful air currents to assist grass collection so that even when it’s wet you won’t leave unsightly clumps behind when mowing.

The cutting deck is 92cm wide so you can cut a wide swathe and it can be easily taken off if you need to pass through a narrow gate.

It has a 240-litre grass box and cutting heights from 30mm to 95mm and the cutting deck has anti-scalp wheels to prevent damaging the lawn.

It can discharge clippings at the back and mulch as well with the optional attachments.

The machine costs £1599, £300 less than the recommended price and has a two-year warranty and free delivery within two to three working days. Faster delivery options are available.

Mountfield 1530M Lawn Tractor
Twin blades: Mountfield 1530M Lawn Tractor

This is another popular machine from Mountfield, this one with a wider cutting width.

The Mountfield 1530M Lawn Tractor has an 84cm cutting width and twin blades to give strong air currents in the cutting deck and increase the efficiency of grass collection.

Cutting heights are from 25mm to 80mm and when the 420-litre grass box is full there is a loud bleep to tell you it needs emptying. It can be emptied without leaving the driver’s seat thanks to a telescopic handle.

Mountfield’s own 452cc engine is reliable and long-lasting and there are five forward and six reverse gears.

It is a very comfortable tractor to use with a padded seat with a high back.

Mulch kit, tow bar and deflector kit are available as optional extras.

‘Did an excellent job on my nearly half acre of lawn. Saved me hours in mowing. Easy to use. Came all assembled just had to hook up the grass collecting bag add some petrol and away I went.’ The views of a recent customer.

It costs £1699, £200 off the recommended price, has a five-year warranty and free standard delivery within two to three working days with next dat and weekend options available.

Mountfield 1530H
Popular machine: Mountfield 1530H lawn tractor

The Mountfield 1530H Lawn Tractor is a similar machine in many ways, but this one has a hydrostatic drive.
So it is very easy to drive with precise speed control using the same 452cc engine which too ten years to develop.
It has the same cutting heights and width and the same large grass box and cutting heights and wide tyres to prevent damage to the lawn and give excellent grip.
Another top-selling lawn tractor, it has attracted a host of good reviews.
‘A great lawn tractor at a very reasonable price. Good delivery service, easy to get started and does a great job! I have approx one acre of lawn, including a couple of trees to get around, and the performance so far is even better than expected’ said one.
It costs £1899, £200 off the recommended price with standard free delivery within  two to three working days and next-day and Saturday delivery available as well.
It has a five-year warranty.
The Mountfield 1538H Lawn Tractor is one made for really large areas – up to 6000m2 – as it has a 98cm.
Mountfield’s 452cc engine powers it along quietly and efficiently and a six-litre fuel tank will save too many fuel stops.
Hydrostatic transmission means it drives much like an automatic car and it has a turning radius of only 140cm helping manoeuvrability.

Mountfield 1538H-SD lawn tractor
Side discharge: Mountfield 1538H-sd lawn tractor

The 240-litre grass box has an alarm when it needs emptying which you can do from the seat.
It has a front bumper – just in case – a you can clean the cutting deck down after use by attaching a garden hose a spinning the blades.
A comfortable seat and twin headlights complete this well-priced package.
It costs £1999 compared with the recommended price of £2199 and it has a five-year warranty.
Delivery is free within two to three working days and next-day and Saturday delivery is available for a small extra sum.
And finally, a lawn and garden tractor with the benefit of German engineering and what’s more it comes with a free trailer.
The Al-Ko T16-92HD Special Edition Lawn Tractor is made for lawns around 6000m2 and has a twin-cylinder 656cc engine.
Under the cutting deck is a Hi-Lift blade to produce powerful air currents to assist with the collection of wet grass. The grass box holds 220 litres.
It has hydrostatic transmission so it drives like an automatic car and it has six cutting heights from 30mm to 90mm.
With a 92cm cutting deck it is suitable for around 6000m2 – that about an acre and a half.
Buy this tractor and you receive a free trailer worth £199.
‘Works really well on our lawn, wish we had bought one sooner,’ says one customer.
‘I have a large garden and also mow part of a field for a number of reasons. I’m very pleased with the performance of the Al-Ko,’ says another.
It is priced at £2299, £400 off the recommended price and it has a five-year warranty.
Delivery is free within two to three working days and the weekend and next day options are again available.
These pages give a wide selection of ride-ons and lawn tractors but we appreciate that this is a major purchase and you may like our advice before making your mind up.
But a lawn tractor is not just for cutting grass, with the attachment of a tow bar you have your own little tractor to undertake a host of jobs in the garden and we can advise on those as well.
You can get us during office hours on 03454 588905.

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