Mountfield lawn tractors available for next-day delivery

Mountfield manufactures Britain’s favourite lawn tractor and now we can deliver them the day after receiving your order.

All deliveries are FREE to the UK mainland and we can even get them to your door on Saturday for a small extra fee providing we receive your order by 3pm Friday.

This service has proved to be very popular with our customers and means we can now deliver Mountfield lawn tractors just as quickly as we do our mowers.

Lawn tractors are becoming increasingly popular with people even with a medium-sized lawn as they are great time-savers but have a huge number of uses for the busy gardener.

You can buy attachments to scarify the lawn and others to collect leaves in the autumn. Add a garden trailer and you can save hours if you need to cart fertilizer of rubbish, wood for the fire or garden tools from the shed to the vegetable plot.

Have a look at these pages and you can see for yourself there is a great range from which to choose right up to large machines made for areas up to 8000m2.

Side discharge: Mountfield 1538M SD

To whet your appetite further have a look at these two.

The Mountfield 1538M SD Lawn Tractor is a best-selling side discharge tractor which comes into its own when there are large areas of rough grass on paddocks and orchards which needs cutting.

With a 452cc engine it has twin counter-rotating blades which create a powerful airflow so the cut grass is discharged with clogging in the discharge chute – even when wet.

With a mulch plug it can also be used on lawns where the clippings are chopped very finely before falling back on to the lawn where the rot away, providing a useful fertilizer.

You can see from these reviews that it is highly rated by previous customers.

Excellent mower, excellent service, my lawn never looked so good. Mower is very easy to use and clean, Highly Recommend,’ says one.

It is priced at £1649, a huge saving of £200 on the recommended price and has a five-year warranty. The mulch plug is FREE, as. of course, is the Premium Delivery Service

If you have a large area to maintain, this could be the one, the Mountfield 1640H Lawn Tractor.

This has a 452cc Mountfield engine and hydrostatic transmission so it drives much like an automatic car and it has a tight turning circle.

Mountfield 1640h lawn tractor
Bigger lawns: Mountfield 1640H lawn tractor

The cutting width is 102cm and again there are twin cutting blades to give excellent collection of the cut grass in the 260-litre grass box. The box buzzes at you when it is full and needs emptying and can be emptied without leaving the driver’s seat.

And when you are finished you can simply attach a garden hose to clean the cutting deck which is slightly wider than the wheels of the tractor so you can cut close the edges or borders and paths.

There are seven cutting heights from 25mm to 80mm and these can be controlled from the driver’s seat.

This on costs £2499, £200 off the recommended price and has a five year warranty.

We appreciate that lawn tractors are a hefty financial lay-out so we can provide finance, see these pages for details.

Our full list of ride-ons and lawn and garden tractors can be seen on these pages and if you’re not quite sure which is the one for you, please give us a ring on 03454 588905.

We are the country’s leading supplier of these machines and have years of expertise so we are in a unique position to offer free, impartial advice.


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