You could have a lawn like this if you just let it breathe

Winter’s not yet disappeared, but it’s certainly on the way out.

And many of you will have taken your first decent walk for a while and told anyone who’ll listen “I feel loads better after that. Opened my lungs to a bit of fresh air after months of too much telly and inactivity.”

Well that’s just how your lawn feels after you’ve scarified it.

Through the winter, grass dies off and you’re left with a lot of wisps of yellow strands through the lawn, not to mention moss in the damper, darker places.

And you may find strands of weeds growing through the lawn as well, all holding back the Spring growth.

Once all this rubbish has been taken away the grass will really put on a spurt and you’ll be left with thicker, lush green stems which make a British lawn the envy of the gardening world.

Einhell GE-SA scarifier
Two in one: Einhell GE-SA 1335P scarifier/aerator

You can get rid of this rubbish with a tined rake, but that’s one of the most tiring gardening jobs there is.

Far better is to use a good modern scarifier which does the job in no time and far more efficiently.

This one from a leading German manufacturing company is a little cracker as it is two machines in one.

The Einhell GE-SA 1335P Petrol Combi Scarifier / Aerator is exclusive to us at MowDirect and has a roller with 26 spikes to tease out all that rubbish.

Don’t be worried if the results look like a ploughed field, all the rubbish that is pulled out will allow the grass to grow very quickly and allow healthy plants to thrive.

If you’ve not scarified the lawn for a while, leave off the collector box and rake up the debris afterwards – there’ll be a lot of it.

But as well as having a scarifying roller the machine also has an aeration roller with 20 steel knives to penetrate the surface.

Lawns can become matted and compacted and moisture will find it difficult to get through to the roots, so these knives will leave tiny slits in the surface to let the rain get through.

Powering this along is a 53.2 four-stroke engine with a large fuel tank.

And there are three settings so you can decide on the working depths from -3mm to -9mm.

Good machine – build and performance with robust German Engineering. Very good performance,’ says a previous customer.

It costs £269.95, a big saving of £130 on the recommended price. We deliver it free the next working day and it has a two-year warranty.

You can see other scarifiers and aerators here, some made to suit really large estate gardens.

And if you have any questions, please phone us on 03454 588905 during normal office hours.


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