Hayter Motif mowers, made to last and to give a great finish to any lawn

When it comes to reliability and solid performance year in year out, one of the major names which springs to mind is Hayter.

The company’s Motif range is a popular choice for small to medium-sized lawns – and we have them available at the keenest prices for the coming Spring.

The company’s Hayter Motif 41 Push 4-Wheel Lawn Mower (Code: 437) has a 41cm width of cut meaning they are fine for areas around 800m2.

Hayter Motif lawnmower
Hayter bargain: Hayter Motif 41 lawnmower

And being a mower which you push rather than one which is self-propelled it is especially suited to lawns which have odd shapes with curving paths and lots of flower beds.

The blades are turned by a Briggs & Stratton 150cc engine which start without the need of a choke and has been designed to be very low on exhaust emissions.

It has a steel cutter deck and eight cutting heights from 22mm to 55mm and a 50-litre grass box.

The recommended price is £399 but we have it for sale for £249.

You also get a bottle of engine oil and a three-year warranty as well free next working day delivery.

The Hayter Motif 48 Push 4-Wheel Lawnmower (Code: 438H) has a similar Briggs & Stratton engine and a wider width of cut so with larger lawns the job becomes less time consuming.

This is another Hayter mower made to last with a steel cuter deck and a cutter bar friction disc to protect the engine from serious damage should you hit a solid object.

It has cutting heights from 22mm to 55mm and a 59-litre grass box.

It costs £299, £150 below the recommended price and is delivered free the next working day with a three year warranty and a free bottle of engine oil to get you started.

Hayter Motif 48 Autodrive
Larger lawns: Hayter Motif 48 Autodrive Lawnmower

And the Hayter Motif 48 Autodrive Lawn Mower (Code: 439) has the same 150cc Briggs & Stratton engine, quiet, fuel efficient and clean.

But with its rear-wheel drive it makes mowing much easier and less tiring over larger areas and has the power to tackle sloping and rougher lawns.

It has a 59-litre grass box and the same cutting heights as the other Motif mowers and a 48cm cutting width.

It costs £399, £140 less than the recommended price and has a three-year warranty. Plus there is a free bottle of engine oil and free next working day delivery.

These are just three of our selection of Hayter mowers, you can see the complete list here.

Our full catalogue of lawnmowers is on these pages and remember you can ring us for advice on which mower is best for your lawn – we have years of experience in this industry and are the leading on-line retailer of lawnmowers. 0345 4588 905


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