Well that’s all white – quick and easy ways to shift the snow

Just as we thought we might get away with a snow-free winter the Met people emerge with warnings of snow and ice, as the lovely Holly pointed out yesterday. 

It seems we’ll all catch a packet and if we escape this time we’ll probably be in the firing line the next time the winds drift round to the north and east and leave us frozen to bits and skidding around on icy footpaths .

But there are modern machines to make life far easier to tolerate and much safer.

First have a look at this fun little device which works like an electric shovel.

Stiga Snow Electric 31
Snow shifter: Stiga Snow Electric 31

The Stiga Snow Electric 31 Snow Blower, on special offer, is an ideal way of clearing paths and drives around the house with little effort – it’s certainly much easier than working with a shovel.

It is light and easy to use and has a clearing width of 31cm and skids along the surface collecting the snow and throwing it up to five metres clear.

Hang it in your porch – it is that light – and then it’s ready to plug in and go to work.

With an intake height of 23cm it can clear right down to the ground on hard surfaces like paths and patios and drives. There are no wheels, it simply glides along on snow shoes.

The telescopic handle means it is comfortable for everyone to use and it makes snow clearing fun rather than a chore.

It costs £99, a full £50 saving on the recommended price and is from a top manufacturer of snow clearance equipment making machines of all sizes, right up to big snow blowers for use on shopping centres and industrial units.

We deliver it FREE the next working day and there is a one-year warranty. You can watch it in action here...

For larger properties and people who have businesses to keep open, this machine will do the trick.

The Oleo-Mac Artik 52 Single-Stage Petrol Snow Blower has a 163cc engine and as you push it along the snow is taken into the front chute and blown between two and eight metres away depending on how you set it.

Artik 52 snow blower
Beat the snow: Oleo-Mac Artik 52 single stage snow blower

The chute angle is adjusted from the handlebars for convenience.

It is very easy to control in tight areas and the engine has been designed to cope with extremely cold weather.

A great little machine which will save you loads of hard, physical work, it costs £399, a huge saving of £100 on the recommended price.

It has a five year warranty from Oleo-Mac, a leading maker of garden machinery and snow moving equipment.

And to stop paths freezing the LNT Magic Ice Melt is a great non-toxic alternative to conventional rock salt.

It won’t harm lawns or plants and can be used safely on Astroturf and all weather pitches and can be spread without protective clothes.

It is used extensively at airports and is biodegradable .

An 18.75kg tub costs £39.95 – 19kg will cover 2000m2 – and it is delivered FREE of charge the next working day.

These pages lists every type of snow clearance equipment from humble shovels to snow blowers designed for commercial use.

And of you would like advice on what is best for your purpose, please ring us on 08454 588905.




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