Only 22 Shopping Days to The Shortest Day!

I see that Dick is again casting his pearls of wisdom, as usual. Not only has he brought to the attention of every customer that we are offering Interest Free Credit on Ride-on Mowers. (Thats 0% Interest for 9 months)*. But, and it’s a big but, Kim Kardashian proportions, it runs out in the next few weeks so hurry up lovely people!

Dick also points out that we are hurtling towards the shortest day faster than a minor celebrity getting a perfume released before Christmas.

Yup, Never mind the number of shopping days until Christmas (25) there are only 22 days until the shortest day of the year, when your afternoon shopping will be rudely interrupted by an early sunset and disorientation when you, as used to happen so often in my parents’ household, you plan to go out for an afternoon walk, everyone procrastinates and by the time you get out it’s virtually dark already.

Surely it makes sense to get your shopping done before then? I mean, seriously, if you’ve left it that late you are in trouble anyway. Unless you are going to shop like a mad person at the very last minute the shortest day should be your benchmark.

I don’t like the dark at the best of times, unless it’s when I’m tucked up in my own bedroom, and the coming of early darkness during the day marks my gradual descent into gloom. You might have noticed my mood dipping a little in recent weeks. But you don’t want to meet shortest day Holly. Shortest day Holly is Seriously Gloomy Holly.

Seriously Gloomy Holly is like Cinderella before she meets her FG and goes to the ball. Like cheap smoked salmon with no blinis, like flat prosecco served in a paper cup by a sad monkey, like a small child who’s already overtired and just sat on their special balloon at a birthday party in a church hall.

Happy Holly - Party Phenomenon
Happy Holly – Party Phenomenon

When Seriously Gloomy Holly comes to town, gone is the party girl, witty banter and good-time vibes sparkling from her aura like a spell from Hermione’s wand, dressed to the tens (one better than the nines) and smiling as though someone has just told her Christian Dior is giving away free dresses.

Gone is the effevescent life-and-soul of any party, only to be replaced by a fleece clad Morlock like creature who moons about her little townhouse wondering if she can write anything half way decent and dipping, all too often into the biscuit tin. Gloomy Holly operates on those days when it is grey and the sun comes down around the time normal people should be drinking in afternoon sunshine and playing a spot of tennis before an early evening snifter.

But this is only in the grey of the short day. Bring on the artificial lights, good company some glass enclosed bubbles and play a half-way decent tune like Calvin Harris’ My Way or something retro like ABBA’s Dancing Queen at full volume (and I mean number 11) and the sunshine comes out of my eyes like you wouldnn’t believe.

I am told this is called SAD. That’s not ‘sad’ like a kitten with a damaged paw, that’s seasonal affective disorder. Like it or not, the grey affects some people and that’s all there is to it. Anxiety, depression, tiredness, lethargy, all these can be symptoms.

Sad, but not SAD!
Sad, but not SAD!

I know lots of folk that are like this, my colleague Drew included, though he would never admit it. There are remedies. Exercise, a good quality light box that can replace some of what the sunshine gives us and getting out in what light there is certainly helps.

And here is a resource that offers information and some ways to combat this condition.

And then of course there’s my favourite remedy. Shopping. But, as i have already pointed out, not in the afternoons. get out in the morning, breeze to the shops in the early part of the day or even shop online. It works for me.

And that brings me back to our 0% Finance Ride-on offer. That combined with our Top 50 Gifts is enough to give anyone a little boost of winter sunshine.  So come on. Let’s party!  Enjoy! See ya.  Holly.






*9 months interest free credit – subject to status

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