What Your Lawn Wants To Tell You. “Get These Flipping Leaves Off Me!”

We’ve been banging on about leaf clearing a lot lately. Well, there’s a good reason for that. Have you looked outside? It’s a veritable carpet of gold, red, yellow and that funny mottled dark bronzy colour you only see in leaves and on David Dickinson’s face. And the rain has been falling and, yes like Drew last week, and not withstanding my caution on the tennis courts, I have nearly had a couple of nasty slip hazard related incidents the like of which would cause the chaps at ‘Injury Lawyers for You’ to rub their sticky hands with glee and book another holiday in Monaco.

And my lawn? Hmm. I really do need to get on to that. I’ve read all the blogs on the perils of leaving leaves on your lawn and looked at the articles about how a blanket of leaves on your lawn blocks sunlight, steals water, harbours disease and offers affordable housing to all sorts of pests but I’ve been a bit lax.

So it’s time for me to get out there with one of MowDirect’s flagship little gems, the perennially popular Agri-Fab 26″ Push Lawn & Leaf Sweeper. I know Dick blogged

Agri-Fab leaf sweeper
What your lawn wants! Agri-Fab 26in leaf sweeper

about this and I don’t normally go goo-goo over bits of machinery in the same way he and Drew do but this simple and reasonably priced ‘bit of kit’ (I think that’s what the boys say) is really rather super. I’ve seen it used and it will pick up pretty easily. As one of our customers said “I found it worked well, picking up even wet leaves provided they were not piled too high. It’s a real time-saver and I recommend it.”

`Of course, I don’t need to tell you this. All you need to do is either Read Dick’s blog or take a look on the MowDirect site to catch up on some more reviews and see the benefits of this little lawn pleaser.

But I’d like to bring something else up. In his piece Dick says, “if your lawn could speak, it would tell you it doesn’t like dead leaves taking away its daylight and moisture so it can’t grow.” This is a freaky concept. “If your lawn could speak?”. Has he been sniffing that wood glue in his shed again? If I seriously thought my garden flora was about to start jabbering away like a bunch of Boden dressed  Scrummy Mummies in an artisan coffee shop every time I paid a visit to the outdoors I would think twice about going out there at all.

Get a Room!
Get a Room!

What’s next? Trees leaning over and whispering “How about a prune love? I’m getting a bit bushy here”, flowers begging tearfully to be deadheaded? Tomatoes on the vine shrieking “Pick me! Pick me!” as you wander innocently past the greenhouse. It’s a worrying thought and sounds a bit like an old Pink Floyd video (my Father was a big fan back in the day). It’s all very well talking to nature, wearing daisies in your hair and treading the Prince Charles, Swampy, hippy tree hugging pathway but who knows where it will end?

However. All of this does, in all seriousness, make me realise what Dick is saying and what Drew has been telling me for a long time.  A lawn is not just a decorative carpet made of grass, it is a living, breathing, organic entity. It really does need TLC and it really does need keeping clear of leaves and detritus. There’s not a professional gardener out there that doesn’t know this and the more you feed, water, aerate, scarify mow correctly and clear leaves off your lawn  the better it is going to look and feel and more the more likely it is to provide you with years of enjoyment. See ya.  Holly.

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Updated October 3.2017

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