Three new and exclusive heavy-duty hedgetrimmers for the toughest tasks

Hedges, like the lawns, are growing quickly and need to be trimmed back – nothing spoils a garden like a straggling hedge.

Modern hedgetrimmers make to job much faster and easier than the old fashioned clippers and here are three new models from Oleo-Mac.

These are designed to tackle long runs of thick hedges where there is a lot of thorn and the like – plants which are often too much for lighter weight models.

They have strong engines which deliver plenty of power to the cutting blades so they can tackle thicker growth without jamming.

Oleo-Mac HC265XP hedge trimmer
Professional machine: Oleo-Mac HC265XP hedgetrimmer

Oleo-Mac HC265XP Heavy-Duty Petrol Hedgecutter will give the power and performance needed by professional gardeners with cutting blades made to deliver sharp cuts that will not bruise the stems.

The 21.7cc engine has extensive vibration damping to make it more comfortable to use over longer periods and this combined with a weight of 5.6kg means you have a powerful hedgetrimmer which will appeal to professionals and keen amateurs alike.

The engine has low emission figures and is very fuel efficient and has a deflector to keep exhaust gasses away from the operator.

The blades are 60cm long and have a 35mm tooth gap so they can tackle thicker stems.

Also it is well balanced and has a rotating rear to make it easier to cut hedge sides and to us in restricted spaces.

It costs £299, £100 less than the recommended retail price. Delivery the next working day is free.

Oleo-Mac HC280XP Heavy-Duty Petrol Hedgecutter is in many ways a similar machine with a 21.7cc engine producing 1hp and similar extensive vibration-damping features.

But this one has longer, 75cm, cutting blades with a 35mm tooth gap. It weighs 5.8kg and has a similar rear handle 180 degree twist grip.

The longer blade means you can cut really large areas with a single sweep.

Oleo-Mac BC240-HL hedgetrimmer
Tall hedges: Oleo-Mac BC240-HL long-reach hedgetrimmer

It costs £329, £120 less than the recommended selling price. There is a two year warranty and delivery the following working day is free.

And hedge tops, always a challenge to trim, there is the Oleo-Mac BC240-HL Long-Reach Heavy-Duty Hedgecutter.

This one has a shaft of 2.4m with 50cm-long blades and is powered by a 21.7cc Emak engine.

Again it is fitted with highly-effective vibration damping measures and it has a 180 degree articulating cutting head which has 12 settings. The tooth gap is 35mm.

Power transmission to the head is via a 24mm diameter shaft.

The recommended price is £549 but we are selling it for £399. There is a two-year warranty and free next working day delivery.

These pages have a wide selection of hedgetrimmers for every challenge.




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