Champagne Phil is his Name – Our Review Competition Winner is Announced.

Yes. Exciting times. After a month of critical, glowing, detailed, short, long and downright epic reviews, we have finally got a winner. We’ve had reviews that were happy, grumpy, dozy (yes, I am going to do that “and all the other dwarves” joke), we’ve had stories of horse eating ride-ons, mowers that changed your life and a few that ruined it for a short period.

But, I repeat, the most important news that we have finally found our winner. Congratulations are due to Mr Phil White of Cornwall, who wins himself a case of Moet and Chandon Imperial Champagne (currently winging it’s way to the West as we speak) for his excellent, detailed and helpful review of his recently purchased Cobra MX46S40V Self-Propelled Cordless Lawnmower, published here in it’s entirety.


Phil's Wheels - The Cobra MX46S40 subject of the Wining Review
Phil’s Wheels – The Cobra MX46S40 subject of the Wining Review

Nice Piece Of Kit  By Phil White

I was going to buy the corded version, which is about half the price. However, with my advancing years, my friends persuaded me to go for the cordless one. Remind me to buy them a drink!

Firstly, the mower is quite heavy and was not easy to get out of the box. I’ve only given 3 stars for assembly because the instruction booklet, while written OK, has nearly useless pictures. OK there are not too many parts to assemble and anyone with a bit of ‘techy’ nous can work it out easily enough, but that won’t suit all owners.

Anyway the mower was assembled and both batteries topped up, not fully charged at purchase but not far off, so not too much time to wait to try it out. The handle height is adjustable to suit the user and would be easy to change. Make sure the cut height is suitable for the job and you can’t go wrong.

The grass was about 4 inches long, and dry, and it mowed easily on the 3 setting – a very easy to use lever sets the height. I found I quickly got to grips with the way to operate and, importantly, when to stop. The lawn now looks really good and the job was done in half the time it took my old hover mower.


Nice one Phil. Our judges liked this review because it was not too long, not too short, well written and contained advice and help for other customers. It seemed honest, and mentioned problems where there were any but also pointed out the good features and gave a bit of advice., perfectly formed and a worthy winner. He’s the first customer to review this lawnmower but I am sure he won’t be the last.

So that’s it for now. Thanks for your great response and sorry to those who didn’t win. Maybe next time, this has been such a positive experience we may well do it again. But please, all you customers, competition or not. Keep your reviews coming in, keep them clean, helpful, easy to read and express your views and we will keep on publishing them. Thanks very much everyone who submitted. In the meantime, enjoy your garden and Phil… enjoy your champagne!     Drew Hardy

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