Buying a Chainsaw? Safety First. A Guide from MowDirect, The Site For Saw Eyes.

Yes, yes I know. Puns are awful, groan, boo, whatever but I must say they do catch the attention from time to time so I am entirely unapologetic.

Disclaimer over, you will no doubt have seen Dick’s Blog yesterday, regarding the excellent and amazing value Einhell Petrol Chainsaw with Free Starter Kit (Exclusive Special Offer). Now this is clearly a great bargain at £139.95 and includes a replacement chain plus the essential FREE safety gloves and a helmet (with built in visor and ear defenders…very important).  I say essential because a chainsaw is one piece of kit you do not want to mess with unless you are operating safely and wearing safety gear of some sort. As I outlined last week, heavy duty, steel toe-capped boots are also useful and you can even buy chainsaw proof jackets and trousers.

The Einhell saw is easy to use and  has been highly recommended by some customers for  first time users. Great. However, one of the biggest problems encountered by users – particularly beginners,  is the implementation of proper operation and safety procedures. You can’t just wander off into the woods and chop up logs without thinking about this. You might as well try to work with an untethered a grizzly bear. The chainsaw has to be treated with care (like the bear) a great deal of respect (like the bear) and should be maintained and well-oiled before use (here the bear analogy rather breaks down).

So here are a few safety tips gleaned from our experts and our extensive knowledge base. These are especially important if you are a first time user.

When sawing a large log, never stand on it and saw between your feet. You should stand away from the log and ensure your chainsaw is always outside of your legs, to the side.  In fact always stand to one side of the branch or log you are cutting, try to be side on rather than square to the saw. A bit like the illustration below.

Safety First - Cutting to the Side Pro-Style
Safety First – Cutting to the Side Pro-Style

Remember that if there is an issue with the chain and it breaks or comes loose, it will usually whip straight back so NEVER be in line with the chain and make sure no one else is in line with it either.  Again, stand side on to your  cutting action.

Never have the saw running when not in use if at all possible. Always de-throttle, power down/switch off the second you have finished cutting.

Never move from cutting area to area with the chain in cutting mode. And, although this seems so obvious as to be bizarre, NEVER run with a chainsaw. Even if you are a leather-apron clad maniac.

It’s a great idea to transport your chainsaw in a case if possible. At least with a chain guard /sheath on it.

Always try to use a sawhorse when cutting large logs at home, if possible. It keeps the logs secure and enables you to focus fully on your chainsaw operation. Some have built in guards, safety clamps  and pivoting axis to help you do the job, like this MD Sawhorse available exclusively from MowDirect for just £54.95 with FREE delivery.

MD Saw Horse
Great device: MD saw horse – available here

Always ensure that the branch or log you are working on is not going to fall  or roll on you when it is finished. Make sure tit is cutting is stable and don’t ever cut up hill, a rolling log chasing you may look funny in a cartoon but it can do serious damage.

Never start to cut down a tree until you have a safe and clear working area, secure footing, and a planned escape route from your falling tree.

Try to keep the tip guard on your saw during use whenever possible. This will help prevent kickback.

Don’t cut with the blade tip if you can help it. This will also help avoid kickback.

Always cut cut below shoulder height wherever possible. This will keeps the chainsaw away from your face if there is kickback.*

Above all keep remembering that this is a powerful cutting tool and you will not only stay safe but will enjoy using your new chainsaw more.

So. Good luck. This is definitely the season for chainsaws so keep an eye on our pages and blogs for more amazing bargains over the next few days.   Enjoy your garden.   Drew Hardy.

*Kickback is what can happen when the chain’s teeth catch on something as they rotate around the tip of the blade or if the wood closes and pinch the bar it. (This can often happen with very fresh, new wood). The Chainsaw kicks up and back. This is why wearing a helmet and protection and standing to the side, side-on to your cut is so important.

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