Eggs & Flour May Be Banned, But You Can Still Make Scary Food. Woooooo!

So. It’s official. Shopkeepers have been told they should not sell eggs and flour to under 16s near Halloween in case they throw them as the ‘trick’ part of trick or treating.

Now the intention behind this is beyond question. No-one wants the elderly or vulnerable pelted with eggs or having flour poured on their doorstep. But what about budding young bakers? What are they going to do? Especially after the success of the Bake Off  this year. There could well be as many young people trying to bake a pumpkin pie as throw food at pensioners.

Personally I like Halloween and as usual I shall be attending Jim and Paula’s East Sussex Spooky Halloween ‘Boree’ this weekend. (It should be a jamboree but without eggs and flour I can’t bake my special scary Halloween cake so there will be no jam!) I am not saying I am under sixteen (I can’t get away with that even with my youthful visage) but knowing Molly Halfpenny – my local shopkeeper – she’ll take the whole thing too far and refuse to sell eggs and flour to anyone until after Halloween.

The Pyrotechnic Articles (Safety ) Regulations 2010. It is an offense to sell a product containing explosives to any person under 16 years of age (no... really!)
The Pyrotechnic Articles (Safety ) Regulations 2010.
It is an offense to sell a product containing explosives to any person under 16 years of age (it really is!)

Rather similar to Christmas 2010, when when she refused to sell me a box of Christmas Crackers because the EU had listed Christmas Crackers as ‘dangerous explosives’.

Misguided surely as, clearly, the most dangerous part of a Christmas Cracker is the joke.

However, I digress, and it’s still only October.  You see I always make a special Halloween cake shaped like a human heart with jam oozing out of it which is the pride of place at the scary Halloween buffet. It really was a scary buffet ‘cos last year someone got food poisoning from an under cooked chicken heart vol au vent brought in by a mysterious stranger (I didn’t dare own up). Luckily they survived.

In fact,  many of my local friends bake novelty cakes and treats around this season. What would we to do this All Hallows without Gloria’s ‘The Walking Bread’, Daphne’s ‘Little Choc of Horrors’ and James’s ‘Black Forest Splatter?’.

But it got me thinking. You don’t have to bake. There are lots of other ways of doing this. So if you are under sixteen and you fall foul of the egg and flour scandal…or even if you are not, here are some ideas for scary Halloween  food that won’t upset anyone – and you don’t need eggs and flour. The interweb is full of ideas. What about these chocolate chip eyed banana ghosts with clementine and celery pumpkins…

Woooooo... scarily tasty!
Woooooo… scarily tasty!

…or these little monsters made with apple, seeds, jam,marshmallow and chocolate…

Grrrrr...tastily scary!
Grrrrr…tastily scary!

or maybe these spooky salami sarnies with olive eyes, (you’ll still be able to get sliced bread, no-one wants to throw that at anyone)…

Eeeeek.... tasty, scary and sooo easy to make!
Eeeeek…. tasty, scary and sooo easy to make!

Brilliant.In conclusion I have to say,  you can ban eggs and flour but they might decide to throw Pot Noodles, Haribo or raw fish.  Surely you can’t really win this battle properly except by educating young people not to attack the old and vulnerable or throw eggs at their houses.  Now there’s a novel idea.  Hmm. Bit serious this week. Back to normal next time.  Have a happy, tasty and trick free Halloween. See ya. Holly.

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